How Jorah Mormont Will Unite Daenerys And Jon Snow In Game Of Thrones

Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 6

The season 6 finale of Game of Thrones confirmed the long-held fan theory that Jon Snow has Targaryen blood (he's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark). Now, the big questions looming over the newly crowned King in the North are if, when, and how he and his biological aunt, Daenerys Targaryen, will learn about their connection and if makes them friends or foes. But there have been hints that Dany's trusty sidekick Jorah Mormont (played by Iain Glen) could play a big role in that relationship. In fact, he could be the one to ultimately bring the family together. 

First, he'll stave off his inner stone man

The last glimpse we got of Jorah the Andal came when Daenerys sent him away on horseback to find a cure for his case of Greyscale. She said she needs him "at her side" when she takes the Seven Kingdoms. Thanks to Princess Shireen Baratheon, we know that a cure must exist for the disease; she had it as a baby and was healed (albeit scarred).

Details on who or what saved her back then aren't quite clear, but Jorah is resourceful enough to find out. One possibility is that he returns to Qarth and consults with Quaithe, the mysterious, masked shadowbinder who is both a prophet and good with protective body paint. She's one of the characters missing from Season 6, and she's due for a comeback. Or perhaps Ser Jorah will run into Melisandre the Red Witch and strike a deal–after all, she's a free agent now, and a place in Dany's kingdom would likely be a welcome opportunity.

Then he'll host his own family reunion

One of the most anticipated aspects of Season 6 was the introduction of Lady Lyanna Mormont, the pint-sized leader of Bear Island. Her voice bends the will of even the toughest leaders in the North, and she helped Jon Snow claim his throne at Winterfell. She also just so happens to be Ser Jorah's first cousin.

The former Lord of Bear Island and head of House Mormont has kept away from his former home since being exiled for selling poachers into slavery and disgracing the family name. His actions were both illegal and punishable by death, and they also deeply betrayed his father. But his dad recently passed away, so maybe it's time to return home again and atone for his crimes. That would presumably start with a visit to Lady Lyanna so he can plead for mercy. Her sense of justice and might of mind are pretty similar to what he's used to with Dany, so it could work. Plus, a rekindled connection with Lyanna would certainly get the ball rolling on introducing his Queen to the King in the North.

He and Dany will get hitched

Now that she's left her lover Daario Naharis to babysit the people of Meereen, Daenerys is single again. And she's already indicated that she plans to make her next marriage a strategic one that helps unite her with her one true love: the Iron Throne.

Jorah recently told her what fans have known from the start: he loves her. She seemed pretty flattered (talk about launching a thousand ships) and she didn't break up with Daario until then, which could signal her reciprocated interest. Given the potential of the Mormont name to help secure her audience with key leaders in the North, their marriage could fulfill both their hearts' desires and be good for politics. Dare to dream, "Daenorah" enthusiasts.

Ser Davos will become his new bestie

If there's one other character in the series (besides Ned Stark, RIP) whose honor has been as unyielding as Jorah's, it's Ser Davos. In fact, he and Jorah have a lot of in common: They're both incredibly faithful right-hand men to their leaders of choice; they're both trustworthy with even-keeled temperaments; and, perhaps most importantly, they both just want a good ruler for the Seven Kingdoms.

Whether it's during Jorah's search to cure himself or on his way to apologize at Bear Island, these two are going to meet and become fast friends. When they do, Jorah will suggest introducing Daenerys to Jon Snow.

Dany and Jon will finally team up

Let's not forget that Dany isn't the only Targaryen who needs allies for a war ahead. After all, winter has finally come to the North, and the Night King could eventually bring it everywhere else. Dany's fire-breathing dragons could be just the thing Snow needs to defeat the icy undead. There's a good chance Samwell Tarly will discover that during his studies at the Citadel. Plus, Dany already has an old friend of Jon's on board: his pseudo-adoptive, albeit disgraced "brother" Theon Greyjoy. Jorah, with the influence of Davos and Lyanna, could finally bring the Targaryen family together to sing their song of ice and fire.