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How Chris Hemsworth Trained For Extraction

There is a belief that Hollywood, and the film industry as a whole, is all smoke and mirrors; nothing is real, and everything on the screen is some trick of the camera or the editing. The reality is, cinema is not only demanding creatively, but often physically as well. This is especially true in the action genre, in which actors go to incredible lengths to appear legitimate and believable. Every punch, kick, and one-liner has to be perfectly executed — just ask the star of Extraction, Chris Hemsworth.

Sam Hargrave's thrill ride of a film hit Netflix earlier this year to plenty of excitement. Most of the discussion surrounding it centered on its explosive action, which made up the vast majority of the film. Hemsworth's Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary, is ruthless in beating his opponents to a pulp. Whether he has a gun or simply uses his hands, he is nigh unstoppable, giving the Thor actor a whole new characterization into which to sink his teeth.

The fight scenes in Extraction deserve high praise not only for their quality, but also for the commitment of those involved. Setting up such fast-paced and elaborate combat sequences is no small feat. As Chris Hemsworth admitted, training for such scenes was rigorous. Since the majority of the movie is action, the Australian thespian had his work cut out for him.

During a Q&A session on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel, Hemsworth discussed the "exhausting but rewarding" training process he endured for Extraction's high-octane story.

Repetition was the key to Chris Hemsworth's Extraction training

As the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect," and that's a phrase easily applied to Chris Hemsworth's training to become Tyler Rake. When revealing how intense it was, he confessed that it was "incredibly challenging", but likened it to memorizing lines of dialogue. The best strategy to have is simple repetition, going in head-first over and over again until it becomes second nature. This way, he could familiarize himself with each step, weaving a seamless sequence of moves into well-paced and entertaining combat.

Hemsworth elaborates, explaining "Every day, we were shooting one scene, we'd be rehearsing the next fight scene the following day, so it didn't really stop." He pulled double duty just to ensure choreography was just right. This wasn't a quick process either, as he later said, "It was a 3-month shoot, basically kinda running, and sprinting, and fighting the whole time." Piggybacking from fight to fight is an intense feat, one that the average Joe couldn't pull off. It sounds like Hemsworth survived quite a grueling workout, even for a bruiser like Tyler Rake.