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The Ending Of Suicide Squad Explained

The Suicide Squad movie is finally here, bringing us the worst bunch of heroes to ever hit the silver screen... mainly because they're all bad guys. Now it's time to discuss what the ending of the film holds for the future of the DC Extended Universe, as well as the repercussions of the plot for the main characters. With that said, you should be prepared for a whole lot of SPOILERS ahead, so make sure you finish watching the movie (and the mid-credits scene) in order to save yourself from unwanted details.

We could see new Squad members

In the final act, our heroic band of villains saved the day and spared the world from destruction at the hands of Enchantress. El Diablo bravely sacrificed himself for the greater good, protecting his new "family" after finally accepting the fact that he murdered his own flesh and blood. Yet even after the Squad prevented the world from being destroyed by ancient magic, Amanda Waller only took 10 years off their sentences, so it was back to the Belle Reve super-prison for the crew. (Harley Quinn was able to escape thanks to her Puddin', the Joker.)

Thankfully, the Suicide Squad has a history of revolving team members, so we could very well see some new blood in a second Suicide Squad movie. The team has included the likes of Killer Frost, King Shark, Captain Cold, and even James Gordon, Jr. as Waller's psychotic right hand. With El Diablo and Harley Quinn gone, there are a few more slots to fill when it comes time to fight further metahuman threats. Here's hoping for a gigantic CGI King Shark.

Harley Quinn's misadventures will continue

It's been confirmed that plans are afoot for Harley Quinn to get her own spinoff movie, so expect to see the mallet-wielding clown to return in all her irreverent glory. Even though the Joker busted her out of Belle Reve at the end of Suicide Squad, we're hoping their relationship hits the back burner, so Harley can spread her wings without being tethered to the Clown Prince of Crime. It's been rumored that her spinoff will feature a number of female heroes and villains from the DC universe, including the return of Katana.

In the comics, a Joker-less Harley has meant she's more of an anti-hero than truly evil, although she's always shown a disregard for human life. We could see her saving the day again or even starting a friendship (or something more) with fellow villainess Poison Ivy. These two characters have been known to be great friends and even romantically linked—and we can't wait to see how Jared Leto's Joker would respond to their friendship.

The Joker might return and clash with the Squad

By now, you've probably formed an opinion about Leto's version of the Joker. Love him or hate him, there's no denying he's a big part of the DC Extended Universe and will likely show up in future films. After springing Harley out of Belle Reve, you've got to imagine he'll return to Gotham and continue to vex the Batman. But it's also entirely possible that Harley will rejoin the Squad, either of her own free will or perhaps coerced by Waller once more. Should that happen, it's not hard to see the Joker using all of his considerable resources and personal brand of craziness to butt heads with the team. And even though she's crazy for her Mr. J, Harley might genuinely care for her new family and choose to side with them. After all, she and Deadshot do have some great chemistry together.

We might get more of the romance between Deadshot and Harley

And speaking of chemistry between Deadshot and Harley, we could see the two become an item in a future installment. In the New 52 Suicide Squad comics, these two enjoyed a bit of a romance, even if it was turbulent and short-lived. And even if you weren't aware of their romantic link in the comics, the chemistry between Will Smith and Margot Robbie is pretty palpable (probably augmented by the fact that they also starred in Focus together). Although they weren't especially touchy-feely, we could feel an attraction between the two in the movie. After all, Deadshot purposely missed his kill shot on Harley, giving up the chance for freedom and the ability to see his daughter. If that doesn't scream "I like you!" then we don't know what does.

Katana might return, but not as part of the Squad

Katana was never officially part of the Squad, but was on hand to help Rick Flagg keep the villains in line. We saw a little bit of her backstory, taken straight from the comics, and were also introduced to her soul-stealing sword. She's one of the only characters without a nanite bomb implanted in her neck, so she was free to leave after the whole Enchantress ordeal was resolved. It's possible that she could return in Harley Quinn's spinoff film, but whether she comes back as friend or foe is up in the air. We'd like to think she'd be sent by Waller to bring Quinn back to Belle Reve, but we'd also love to see a Katana and Harley team-up.

Waller could get what's coming to her

Viola Davis is a joy to watch as Amanda Waller, a character who quickly asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with in the beginning of the movie. As a master manipulator and an ambitious government agent, she does what's necessary to further her own ends. She isn't above killing innocents to protect her interests, which we see when she kills all the agents trapped with her in Midway City. She's threatened every member of the Suicide Squad—and even threatens people on her side, like Rick Flagg. In the animated film Assault on Arkham, Waller is last seen in the beam of Deadshot's laser sight—proof that no matter how much power she wields, she doesn't necessarily hold the upper hand. There's no love lost between these two, so it's possible that we could see that story repeat in a Suicide Squad sequel.

The Justice League might cross paths with the Suicide Squad

While it would be satisfying for us to see Deadshot give Waller a dose of her own medicine, it might be more compelling to see her taken down by Batman and the Justice League. If you stuck around long enough to watch the mid-credits scene, you were treated to a faceoff between the Wall and Bruce Wayne. Waller wanted protection from the media and gave Batman some dossiers of metahumans in return. The two had a tense exchange toward the end of the scene, with Waller basically revealing that she knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. If there's one thing Waller is good at, it's getting leverage, but this could mean that the Justice League comes a-callin' to shut down Task Force X. If a Suicide Squad v. Justice League movie were to happen, it would blow our minds more than a nanite bomb.