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Explaining The Mid-Credits Scene In Suicide Squad

Regardless of how many reshoots, gunshots, gratuitous Harley Quinn scenes, and negative reviews the film has piled up, Suicide Squad nonetheless expands the DC Extended Universe, setting the pieces in place for the Justice League film and beyond. To help whet fans' appetites for the next chapter, Squad also adds an intriguing mid-credits scene suggesting what we're in for next, so let's explore why it's so important. If you haven't figured it out already (it's probably tatted on Jared Leto's Joker somewhere), there are major spoilers ahead.

Bruce Wayne will help cover up the events of Midway City

Suicide Squad's mid-credits scene features a meeting between Amanda Waller and billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. The conversation starts off simply enough: Waller needs help when it comes to keeping everything that happened in Midway City (and her involvement) on the down low. In order to protect herself from Enchantress' wrath and keep her reputation in the green, Waller makes a deal with Wayne to maintain damage control surrounding the movie's events. Of course, she has to bring something to the table to make the deal happen...

He got metahuman dossiers from Amanda Waller in return

Boom—Waller gives Gotham's favorite son detailed metahuman files on Enchantress, Aquaman, Flash, and, presumably, the rest of the Justice League. It's kind of strange that Wayne has to deal with Waller to get info on the likes of Arthur Curry and Barry Allen, considering Bruce has been Batman—the World's Greatest Detective—for over two decades and should've been able to track them down on his own. Nevertheless, this is probably how Batman is able to meet his future Super Friends, leading to the epic introductions we've seen in the first Justice League trailer.

Batman will use these files to form the Justice League, but...

It's interesting to see that a file on Enchantress was included in Waller's metahuman dossiers, since the Squad defeated her. Enchantress' file was likely included for two reasons. First, the dossiers were on metahumans in general, so Waller's judgments on character weren't really a factor in assembling this information. Enchantress was featured so Batman could develop countermeasures in case the witch's spirit, or someone with powers similar to hers, were to ever go bad. Don't forget, Suicide Squad is all about the bad guys—in case you couldn't figure it out from the team members saying it all the time.

Amanda Waller knows Batman's secret identity

One of the biggest surprises during this scene comes when Waller teases Wayne, suggesting she knows he's Batman. Since Waller's sources were able to figure out how to find Aquaman and the Flash, who are living low-key lives under the radar, it shouldn't be all that shocking that they investigated a man in a bat costume who's been beating up supervillains in Gotham City for a couple of decades. You'd need billions of dollars to fund the Dark Knight's Bat-gadget-and-vehicle-filled campaign, not to mention there's all that WayneTech gear and blood that have undoubtedly been recovered by the Gotham PD's forensics team over the years. If Batman was able to go toe-to-toe against Superman just minutes before he "died" (and the whole "Martha, Martha, Martha!" standoff), you'd best believe the Caped Crusader was on Wallace's watch list.

Threats of Justice

Wayne's face doesn't really change much in response to Waller's knowledge of his nightlife. Instead, he immediately—and grimly—retorts with a threat for Wallace to shut down the Task Force X program, saying if she doesn't, he and his super "friends" will. As the Suicide Squad is mainly comprised of Batman's B-list villains, it shouldn't be that hard for him to stop it on his own, let alone with a metahuman or two by his side. Still, this probably counts as a minor teaser that we could one day see Wayne and Wallace butt heads when it comes to enforcing vigilante justice. Could the Suicide Squad take on the Justice League? It'd probably be a one-sided beatdown, but we'd still love to see it happen.