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Biggest Plot Holes In Suicide Squad

To get a movie's plot from point A to B to C, filmmakers sometimes gloss over finer details and hope we don't notice. Suicide Squad is no different. When you gather together a team of supervillains who can use their abilities to solve pretty much any problem that pops up, sometimes logic gets in the way of a good time. But one of the reasons Suicide Squad isn't doing so well with critics is it's riddled with inconsistencies. If you've watched it and found yourself wondering, "Wait...why did that happen?" don't worry; you're not alone. Join us as we assemble our own ragtag team of Suicide Squad plot holes. And if you couldn't tell already, major spoilers ahead...

Batman has no idea what Batman is all about

One of the biggest criticisms to come out of Batman vs Superman was how poorly Batman was portrayed. In the DCEU, he's a murderer lacking the strict moral code he's always been known for in the comics. Suicide Squad case in point: Batman beats up and arrests Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot (a.k.a. Will Smith) in front of his young daughter in a dark alley. Did the screenwriters even stop to consider that Batman's parents were gunned down before his eyes as a child in a dark alley? These aren't the actions of the Batman we've always known and loved. They're the actions of a madman no different from the dregs of society that made him who he is.

Amanda Waller should fire her helicopter pilot (if he isn't dead already)

As Waller is being airlifted out of Midway City to safety, her helicopter takes a needless dive-bomb through the canyon-like maze of downtown skyscrapers rather than playing it safe and flying away high above the rooftops. This puts Waller within range of Incubus' crazy metal tendrils, which he uses to swat the chopper out of the sky, opening Waller up to be taken. The only reason that pilot flew closer to the streets than the clouds is so Waller could be kidnapped—either that, or he's utterly incompetent.

Captain Boomerang leaves the Squad…until he's back on board

After the Squad completes an emotional bonding session in a bar before finding the will to take on Enchantress and Incubus, Boomerang bolts. He just straight-up leaves the team. But then, with no forewarning, in the very next shot (which is the movie's requisite "look at us, we're badasses walking in slow-mo looking all cool as we march to our deaths" moment), there's Boomerang, right alongside the rest of the team. It's almost as if he couldn't pass up a good slow-mo walk. He literally just quit the team, and seconds later, he's back without any explanation.

Amanda Waller is really bad at preparing for World War III

The whole movie is predicated on the fact that high-level intelligence operative Amanda Waller (played by the always awesome Viola Davis) fears the new age of meta-humans will usher in World War III, and she wants to make sure she has a force that can fight back. So...she assembles a team of scum bags, losers, murderers, unruly idiots, and morally bankrupt meta-human criminals—which actually ends up being mostly made up of regular, non-meta-human humans—to safeguard America against the likes of Superman. Sorry, Amanda, but your plan is terrible. Did you even think about it for more than a second, or are you really just looking for a way to execute these villains outside of the rule of law?

The whole story is about cleaning up its own mess

And Waller's plan actually gets worse when you break it down further. She forms Task Force X, made up of bad guys, so she can protect the world. One of those bad guys is the Enchantress, who she thinks she controls by putting her heart in a briefcase (sure). But then Enchantress goes rogue, and Waller sends in the squad to stop her. They finally do so by smashing her heart—which Waller had in her possession for half the movie.

So Waller setting up the squad and employing the evil Enchantress is what motivated the Enchantress to embark on her evil plan. But if they'd never started the squad, they'd never have needed the squad to stop the Enchantress...right? And if Waller knew that destroying her heart would stop her—which she seems to demonstrate when she stabs it a bunch when Enchantress first goes off the reservation—then why doesn't she just try destroying it first?

And sure, innocent archaeologist June Moon might have gone super-evil anyway, even without being roped into the squad. But the villain seems content to just hang out and not start any trouble...until Waller starts threatening her with heart-stabs in the first place. That's when she goes and finds her evil brother, Incubus—who just so happens to be trapped in a little doll that's in, like, a locked closet, and not being guarded around the clock. And Waller knows that Enchantress can teleport into secure locations, so maybe she should've done a better job hiding that thing, huh lady?