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What You Need To Pay Close Attention To On The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy's first season was as much about its music as it was about superpowers, family drama, and that apocalyptic mystery. Whether it was the Hargeeves siblings grooving to Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" or the performance of "Vanya's Orchestra," an original composition created for the Ellen Page character, the soundtrack and score were an undoubtedly calculated part of the Netflix series' season 1 DNA.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, the man behind that Vanya-themed composition and the rest of the show's original score, Jeff Russo, promised that the score for the popular dystopian superhero show will yet again play a "meaningful" role in telling the stories of individual characters — new and old.

"We use score in a very meaningful way to support the emotional arcs of all of our characters in season one. We'll be doing that again in season two," Russo said. "There are some new characters that we're going to be having some fun with from a score perspective, and that's always fun, coming up with new thematic ideas for new characters and how to underscore them."

During the interview, The Umbrella Academy composer also teased that fans should prepare for soundtrack changes going into season 2. That's because the Hargreeves' escape from the apocalypse on the season 1 finale has led to "a big change in setting," according to Russo. Not everything will be different, though, with the composer confirming that while there are musical changes, the approach to telling the story through music between seasons remains the same.

"I mean, we used a lot of really great songs in season one. We're going to be using a lot of great songs in season two," Russo said.

The episode titles for The Umbrella Academy season 2 also offer hints at the plot

While Russo was happy to talk about how the Umbrella Academy team is approaching the score going into season 2, he didn't share any concrete details as to what fans might hear. Russo isn't alone in keeping a tight lip on specifics. Most of the Umbrella Academy's creative team has remained pretty elusive about season 2 plot and character details while remaining open about the show's creative process. That includes The Umbrella Academy comics creator Gerard Way. In a different interview with ComicBook.com, the My Chemical Romance frontman revealed that he created an outline of the current and unreleased comics to help showrunner Steve Blackman, and ultimately Russo, plot the show for several seasons.

"What I did for Steve Blackman and the writers in that first writers' room was to create an 18-page document that laid everything out," Way said. "Even of the graphic novels that haven't come out yet. Which should equal eight when we're all done."

At this point, fans who have read the Way-and-Gabriel-Bá-created comics probably have the best idea of where the Hargreeves — and possibly their season 2 soundtrack — are going. Courtesy of some newly released season 2 episode titles, the change in setting, new characters, and score Russo teased may paint an even clearer picture (via Bleeding Cool). On the Writer's Guild of America project directory, all 10 of the season 2 episode titles have been released. In the order they appear, they are "743," "A Light Supper," "OGA for OGA," "Right Back Where We Started," "The End of Something," "The Frankel Footage," "The Majestic 12," "The Seven Stages," "The Swedish Job," and "Valhalla."

Between Russo's teases about the score and these episode titles, fans now have their own blueprint for what to look out for when The Umbrella Academy season 2 drops on Netflix later this year.