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Justice League Member To Cameo In Suicide Squad

As the DC Cinematic Universe continues to rapidly expand with next month's Suicide Squad and the upcoming Justice League, filmmakers are taking a cue from the comics with some crazy crossover action.

After recent rumors surfaced about a superhero cameo in Suicide Squad beyond Batman (Ben Affleck), Warner Bros. released the official credits (via Fandom) and blew the surprise.

Warning: Contains spoilers forĀ Suicide Squad

The credits confirm that Ezra Miller will appear as the Flash, and Screen Rant reports that the scene takes place fairly early in the film. The rumors began swirling when eagle-eyed fans found a picture of Boomerang being blasted in the back with a flash of lightning in last week's San Diego Comic-Con footage.

Koenig previously appeared as the Flash in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Screen Rant believes his appearance in Suicide Squad will come when Bruce Wayne takes on a similar role as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in Marvel's movie universe and tries to recruit the young superhero into the Justice League.

All the connections are getting interesting, but we'll have to wait to see when Suicide Squad drops Aug. 5. And although Warner Bros. confirmed there won't be a post-credits scene, there will be a mid-credits scene that director David Ayer called "pivotal."