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Will There Be A Sequel To Angel Has Fallen?

Gerard Butler's Secret Service agent Mike Banning has witnessed a great many falling things over the last few years. First, there was Olympus Has Fallen, where the White House faced a terrorist attackThen, there was London Has Fallen, where terrorists wrecked the entire city of LondonMost recently, he moved into ecclesiastical territory in 2019's Angel Has Fallen, where Banning himself had to go on the run in an attempt to uncover yet another plot against the presidentYet, despite enduring a trilogy's worth of large-scale terror attacks, he has never once lost a president — in fact, over the course of the danger-filled films, the presidency arguably receives an upgrade, from Aaron Eckhart to Morgan Freeman.

The Fallen series might not have been the most obvious franchise in the making, but with three movies under its belt, it most certainly has become one — and the flicks are reliable moneymakers, with Angel grossing $147 million worldwide on a mere $40 million budget. Because of this, it now faces the same question as every other movie franchise in the world: Will Angel Has Fallen get a sequel?

There will probably be many, many sequels to Angel Has Fallen

Gerard Butler may not be a spring chicken anymore, and his character wrapped up Angel Has Fallen as the new Director of the Secret Service, but that doesn't mean he's safe in a franchise where even (and especially) the most powerful world leaders constantly find themselves dodging bullets. As such, it looks like the series is nowhere near done. In a 2019 interview with Deadline, series producer Alan Siegel revealed that his company is gunning for not just one, or even two, but three upcoming entries to the Fallen franchise. 

That's not all they're planning, either: They're looking into possibilities to sell the Fallen intellectual property to other countries so they can make Angel Has Fallens of their own, essentially franchising the franchise. "If we do it in India, the star of that could come into Angel Has Fallen 4," Siegel said, by way of example. "It could be a symbiotic relationship."

If this ploy is successful, it's easy to imagine a whole slew of Fallen properties popping up all over the world, the stars of which could appear in the main Hollywood franchise, giving those entries a leg up in those increasingly important international markets. So, maybe one day there will be a Fallen movie where all the Mike Bannings of their own mini-franchises join together in Earth Has Fallen to save the entire world from alien terrorists. Yes, we think we just described an all-Gerard Butler version of The Avengers, and no, we can't wait to see it.