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Joss Whedon Wants A Female Doctor Who

Joss Whedon seems like a perfect fit for the BBC's Doctor Who, but the Avengers director and noted purveyor of girl power said he would only direct for the sci-fi series under one condition: Doctor Who has to be a woman.

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, the Buffy creator was asked if he'd ever consider writing for the series. And although Whedon said it would be very "daunting" to follow "in the footsteps of [former showrunner Steven] Moffat and the guys," he also hinted that he isn't all that interested until Doctor Who goes co-ed.

"Check back with me when the Doctor is a she," Whedon said. "Or Idris Elba!" Check out his full answer in the video (via the Nerd Machine) above.

Meanwhile, Grant Gustin of the the Flash recently said he would love for Whedon to direct an episode of the Emmy-nominated CW series. According to Comic Book Resources, Gustin met Whedon at Comic-Con the evening before. "He was a really nice guy and he loves the show," Gustin said. "He's seen every episode."