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The Weirdest MyPillow Commercial Ever Released

We've all witnessed the weirdness that radiates off MyPillow commercials before. Maybe you've fallen asleep with the television on, only to be woken up by the sound of MyPillow inventor and company CEO Mike Lindell telling you that yes, he is indeed the mastermind behind MyPillow, and that his cushy creation is the only object upon which your fragile head should ever rest. Maybe you've experienced the distinct brand of MyPillow madness through a pre-roll ad on a YouTube video, or within the tenth level of a "weird TV commercials" rabbit hole you didn't realize you'd entered until it was too late to turn back.

Any way you slice it, MyPillow commercials are essentially unavoidable. Lindell has made a ton of them — there are at least 20 available to watch on iSpot.tv alone – and it seems there's never been a time since the informercials first began that they haven't been airing consistently across various platforms. While the most common reactions to the MyPillow ads are either annoyance, irritation, or flat-out anger, there's one commercial that has left viewers feeling markedly creeped out.

The MyPillow man in the mirror gives a hands-on demonstration about pillow comfort

In 2017, Mike Lindell and the MyPillow team rolled out a new commercial for the comfy head cushion (that's been wrongfully touted as having affliction-curing benefits). The infomercial, like most all MyPillow ads, places Lindell front and center. But instead of focusing solely on Lindell, the commercial also features a husband and wife, and positions Lindell as an all-knowing figurehead for perfect pillow-picking and flawless sleep practices who manifests inside the couple's mirror. 

The ad opens on a man, groggy from a poor night's sleep, opening his mirrored medicine cabinet and finding Lindell staring back at him. "Looks like you're not sleeping well," Lindell quips through a moderately unsettling grin. The man then calls for his wife to come into the bathroom and see what's happening. She yawns loudly before giving Lindell an incredulous, "Hey, you're that guy!" Her husband finishes the thought: "The MyPillow guy!" Lindell tells the couple that he's there — again, in their bathroom mirror, by some defiance of physics — to show them how to get the best sleep of their lives.

From there, the commercial switches to the couple's bed, with the wife laying down and Lindell physically showing her why her regular down pillow is failing her. He squishes both sides of the pillow, explaining that the excessive softness of it results in a bent neck — and he does this while she's laying there. Lindell then tells the husband that he'll repeat the demonstration with him to reveal why memory foam pillows are also inferior. The commercial proceeds as normal thereafter, with Lindell discussing how his patented MyPillow design keeps your neck aligned, holds its shape throughout the night, and provides superior comfort.

Why people are weirded out over this MyPillow commercial

It seems that the reason why viewers have been so unsettled by this MyPillow commercial — rather than merely annoyed, as they've been with all other ads for the fluffy bedtime product — is because it's creepy on two different levels. The first is that Lindell, a man the fictional couple have only ever seen on television, suddenly manifested inside their medicine cabinet, hiding behind the mirrored door. That'd be spooky for anyone to experience. Plus, him noticing that they didn't get a proper night's rest, a misfortune he personally sought to correct, implies that he'd been watching them sleep — for at least one night, perhaps more. The second is the entirety of the hands-on pillow demonstration. We get that showing is different than telling, but wouldn't a detailed verbal explanation have sufficed in this case?

In the comments section of one YouTube upload of the MyPillow commercial, a user wrote, "[This] is possibly one of the most terrifying scenarios that, I rejoice, will logically never happen. Things of nightmares." Another added, "Me and my entire family cannot stand this commercial." Even the commercial itself as described as "very creepy" in the video's title.

All in all, this is undoubtedly the weirdest MyPillow commercial ever made — and hopefully even without a MyPillow cradling your head, you'll be able to sleep at night after watching it.