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How To Unlock All Runes In Doom Eternal

In 2016's Doom, you needed to go through some trials to unlock runes, each of which granted you a benefit. Glory kill 75 enemies? Congrats, you can now glory kill enemies from farther away. Master that and you can glory kill from even farther away. This motivated players to collect these runes and then put in the work needed for mastery.

Doom Eternal works a little differently. There are less runes in the new title, but all you have to do is find them. These runes are placed around the game the same way Easter eggs and cheat codes are. You just have to locate them to reap the benefits, which are largely similar to 2016's Doom's rune benefits. Finding the Saving Throw Rune, for example, gives you the ability to survive a killing blow. Time will then slow down while you hold on with a single HP, offering you a chance to catch your breath and return to the fray.

These are pretty nifty abilities, and very much worth the time it takes to hunt them down. Here are the locations of each of the nine runes.


In this level, you'll find your very first rune. It's actually marked with a quest marker on the map, so you can easily obtain it. The cool thing about Doom Eternal is that you're totally free to choose which ability you want to equip out of the nine. For this first one, most guides recommend the Saving Throw ability, which can seriously be a lifesaver as you adjust to the demanding lifestyle of a Doom Slayer.

Cultist Base

At the chilly Cultist Base, you will find another rune, but this one isn't so easy to grab. This next rune is at the top of a collection of floating platforms outside of the main area. To start your quest for this rune, you'll have to hit a green lever and then quickly swing to the other side and cling to a wall. From there, double jump and dash to the glowing golden rune that was, previously, just out of reach.

Doom Hunter Base

There is another rune waiting for you in the Doom Hunter Base, so long as you survive long enough to see it. After getting the lowdown on Deag Ranak via a codex entry, keep following the path that you're on until you find a rune on a ring-shaped platform.

Super Gore Nest

The Super Gore Nest is ... super gross. Maybe to make up for this, there are not one, but two runes in this fleshy, pulsing location. Toward the very edge, you'll find the first rune in the middle of a gory mess. The second one is more central, located just past the lava pools.

Arc Complex

The Arc Complex level is also host to two runes. As you enter this new area, you'll find that what would be a pathway to your right is set on fire. Don't let that deter you! Forge your way through the flames and snatch up the rune located there. The other rune in this complex is located near the entrance to an underground area. Be sure to snatch it up before heading in.

Mars Core

The last two runes are some of the easiest to find. The first on the Mars Core level can be obtained just by doing your duty as a Doom Slayer — the main mission will lead you right to it. The other — the final rune of the game — is near the Ion Catapult.