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What Edwina Registre And Shana Dahan From Storage Wars Are Doing Now

Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan may have been late additions to the Storage Wars family when they joined in 2017, but the duo were a welcome burst of youth and energy nonetheless, always on the hunt for what they dubbed "new vintage" when bidding on storage units.

The two women were a team on the popular reality show, bidding together against their friendly rivals for unpaid storage lockers. Fortunately for them, they've known each other a long time, so they make an excellent team. Their friendship dates back to high school when the pair met on a school orchestra bus. It was the start of a beautiful friendship that continues to this day.

As of this writing, there's no word on whether or not Storage Wars has actually been canceled or if it's continuing, but the last episode that aired, the season 12 finale, first dropped on the small screen in January 2019. Since then, the cast members have scattered into their own separate lives, keeping themselves busy away from the cameras — or, in the case of Registre and Dahan, very much still in front of the camera. 

Here's what Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan from Storage Wars are doing now.

Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan are on YouTube, uploading to ThriftersAnonymous and This Is Who I Am

Registre and Dahan duo have their own YouTube channel called ThriftersAnonymous, on which they give tips to their subscribers on how to be thrifty. Registre and Dahan release videos on a fairly regular basis, and have almost 40,000 subscribers as of this writing. The pair share videos of themselves on thrift shopping missions, and in one of their most recent videos, they even explained how they've managed to continue to thrift shop during the coronavirus pandemic.

The channel also sees Registre and Dahan offering of advice on where and how to shop the thrift scene to make discoveries that can change your wardrobe. They have three main rules for finding great bargains in thrift stores: "If you want to make a statement, step out of your comfort zone. Just go to one section and then leave. You always want to do a little sloppy tuck." Rule number three means that anything you buy should always be open for adjustments and alterations.

Additionally, in 2019, Registre and Dahan used their YouTube presence to launch a new series entitled "This Is Who I Am." The series sees the two women helping others in person as well, with individuals in the Las Vegas area being selected for a "closet consultation" before being taken to thrift stores for a shopping trip with Registre and Dahan, who offer hands-on advice and tips and tricks (via Nevada Business). They visit the client's home, get a sense of their fashion style, and then, with a budget of just $100, take them shopping to give them a complete style and fashion makeover.

Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan off camera

Aside from their work on-screen, the two also have other day jobs that keep them busy. Dahan is an insurance broker, according to TV Star Bio, and Registre's page on the same site indicates she works as an ISG Sales & Retention Executive at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Clearly, both women keep their thrifting and antiquing as a part-time hobby rather than their main source of income.

Dahan has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Nevada and a Master's degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. Registre has a rather interesting degree herself, having earned her Bachelor's in criminal justice and corrections from the University of Phoenix. She also briefly served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army.

Both women are married, although Registre has not publicly shared her husband's name. Dahan's husband is Las Vegas actor Adam Kilbourn, who voiced Superman on two episodes of Nightwing: The Series. Kilbourn owns Black Raven Studios, where Registre and Dahan film their videos these days.

Storage Wars may have brought Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan into a bigger spotlight, but it's obvious they've continued to thrive even after the series has slowed down.