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Other Reboots We'd Like To See With An All-Female Cast

The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot stars an all-female cast, including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. With Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy) directing that line-up of comedic headliners, the buzz is huge for this movie. Some detractors view the gender swap as a gimmick that won't work, but it's hard to imagine that cast turning out a dud. Here's a list of some more movies that should be rebooted with a feminine touch.

Point Break (1991)

Yes, there's already a reboot slated for 2015, but it's a straightforward interpretation with ramped up stunts. Needs more ladies.

The Pitch: The FBI suspects a roller derby team has been pulling off daring daylight jewelry heists wearing masks of Disney princesses. They send an agent to infiltrate, but the thrill of the flat track threatens to lure her from her duties.

The Main Cast: Rachel McAdams as 'Jenny Utah'; Rooney Mara as 'Betty'

The Tagline: "No Prince Charming. No Elbow Jabs. No Surrender."

The Cameo: Keanu Reeves plays Tom 'Wheels' Barker, street-wise owner of the sporting goods store the team uses to fence stolen property.

Animal House (1978)

Some would say The House Bunny is a loose reboot of Animal House. The only thing the two movies have in common is they take place at a college. Here's the real all-female Animal House.

The Pitch: At Faber College, The Delta Delta Delta (nicknamed the Tri-Delts) and Zeta Mu Mu (nicknamed the Moo-Moos) houses are sworn enemies. When the perfect, debutante Tri-Delts collude with the pretentious Dean Swishman to oust the misfit Moo-Moos once and for all, the Moo-Moos hijack the Tri-Delt's signature perennial event, The Miss Faber Pageant.

The Main Cast: Melissa McCarthy as 'Jackie "Jell-O" Schlotzky'; Olivia Munn as 'Amber "Easy A" Moore'; Ellie Kemper as 'Elizabeth "Mouse" Charles'; Rose Byrne as 'Emma Strathmore'; Bella Thorne as 'Madison Rothchild'

The Tagline: "You Mess With The Mu Mu, You Get The Horns."

The Cameo: Kevin Bacon plays Dean Edward Swishman, a drunk who only cares to get rid of Zeta Mu Mu because they're constantly causing trouble, making him have to do his job instead of just getting drunk in his office.

The A-Team (1983-1987)

Women are badass, too. If we were willing to accept Quinton Jackson as a substitute for Mr. T in the 2010 film adaptation, then these ladies deserve at least a chance at reassembling 1980s television's finest renegade unit.

The Pitch: In 2002, elite members of an LAPD vice squad were framed and convicted for running a prostitution ring. These women quickly busted out of San Quentin and have been hiding out ever since. Still hunted by authorities, they survive now helping women escape from pimps. If you have nowhere else to turn, and you're able to track them down, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

The Main Cast: Sigourney Weaver as 'Jane "Artemisia" Jones'; Margot Robbie as 'Penelope "(Doll)Face" Pike'; Michelle Rodriguez as 'C.B. "Crazy B" Hancockā€; Mo'Nique as 'Angelique A.B. "Angry Bear" Barber'

The Tagline: "They Took Away Their Badges. They Kept Their Guns."

The Cameo: Mr. T plays Bronson Barber, Angry Bear's estranged father who lives out of a broken down black van with a faded red stripe on the side. He feeds the team info on the seedy underworld in exchange for small amounts of cash, but really just wants to remain close to his daughter.

Bad Boys (1995)

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy already proved two female leads can handle an action-comedy about cops in The Heat. Why stop there?

The Pitch: A hothead detective from a wealthy family and her reluctant partner from the wrong side of the tracks investigate the theft of priceless artwork stolen from the mayor's home. They bump heads when it comes to dealing with the pretentious art world, but must work together under extreme pressure to solve the case.

The Main Cast: Beyonce as 'Kate Lowery'; Kerry Washington as 'Angie Burnett'

The Tagline: "What's She Gonna Do?"

The Cameo: Will Smith plays Nevin Boyd III and Martin Lawrence plays Dante Johnson. They are married and own an art gallery together. Nevin is Kate's uncle, divorced from her maternal aunt after outing himself at a family reunion (shown in a flashback).

Predator (1987)

Alien hunters don't discriminate when it comes to chasing humans through a jungle. There's no intergalactic space law that says only men can fight back.

The Pitch: A squad of female soldiers is recruited by an untrustworthy "CIA" operative under the false pretenses: they're told they're rescuing hostages held at a drug cartel's compound deep within a Guatemalan jungle. They reach the cartel compound, only to find a nest of baby aliens. The soldiers realize they've been duped by a covert government organization trying to study the violent protection tactics of extraterrestrial mothers.

The Main Cast: Ronda Rousey as 'Dutch S.'; Scarlett Johansson as 'Dillon'; Gina Carano as 'Blair'; Keri Russell as 'Mac'

The Tagline: "Earth Knows No Fury Like An Alien Mother's Scorn."

The Cameo: Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as 'Dutch,' only this time he's the helicopter pilot who arrives to save lone survivor 'Dutch S.' After pulling her into the chopper, he looks at her nametag and says, "Deja Vu."