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Things only adults notice in Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a phenomenon, to put it lightly. Players of all ages have flocked to the game, and for good reason. The game encourages different strategies in order to survive a round. Because of its extra depth (and also its inherent silliness), even adult gamers can find quite a bit to love in Fortnite

There are also plenty of things within the game that adult players have noticed or experienced that will differ from a child's frame of reference. It's also an entirely different experience when a parent involves themselves in their kids' Fortnite obsession. Some of these experiences are positive, while others may have them second-guessing their love of the game entirely.

Simply put, adult gamers may pick up on a couple of things within Fortnite that a kid just wouldn't be able to. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few aspects of Fortnite that only adults would have noticed. 

It can literally be used as a parenting tool

As with anything that has become popular with zillions of kids worldwide, plenty of research has been conducted to help parents understand their kids' latest obsession. This has led to conclusions about the game that are both positive and negative, but let's look at something right in the middle. 

A 2018 article from New York Times' Lisa Damour acknowledged that nothing is more difficult than helping kids set boundaries for their playing time. However, research has shown that parents can use the game to their advantage in more ways than one. Parents engaging with their kids and actually having a conversation with them about the game can open a dialogue between parent and child that may have been blocked before.

It's also been recommended that Fortnite could be used as something of a bargaining chip, or even a form of allowance. You want that cool new character skin you've had your eye on? Clean your room. Get good grades. 

In other words, plenty of non-gamer adults have come around to the idea of not only embracing Fortnite, but also allowing it to strengthen their bonds with their children. That's a pretty worthy endeavor, don't you think?

We know a zombie when we see one

During "Fortnitemare," Fortnite's Halloween event in 2018, the game was overrun by horrific creatures. These were shambling, mindless monstrosities that pushed their limping bodies forward with the express purpose of maiming everyone in their way. These monsters were, of course, called zom– err, Cube Monsters.

Yeah, according to a statement from Epic Games to The VergeFortnite doesn't contain zombies of any kind. This is despite the fact that just about every adult player who encountered these creatures — including Chance the Rapper — immediately shouted, "Zombie!" 

Granted, it's easier to pass off a zombie-like creature in more kid-centric media. Throw a spooky glow on them and you can call them whatever they want and still seem somewhat kid-friendly. However, for adults who have spent years absorbing zombies in mass media, with films like Dawn of the Dead and shows like The Walking Dead, it's pretty obvious what these things are: zombies in all but name. 

Still, the glowing bits do somehow make them less frightening than, say, Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. Imagine Raccoon City getting overrun by Cube Monsters; it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

People tend to think you ... shouldn't be playing?

Okay, so pretty much any adult gamer can attest to having more than one moment in their lives when people questioned their favorite pastime. Well, it seems that adult Fortnite players may have it harder than anyone else. A quick perusal of Reddit will reveal multiple gamers who have received flak from loved ones and other players for still being invested in the battle royale game, or otherwise feel alone for being into a fun game. 

BBC's Perveen Akhtar decided to see what all the fuss was about a few years ago and downloaded the game. Within an hour, she considered herself a fan of the game. In talking to other players, she quickly realized that the game was a lot of fun, but seemed to carry a stigma with some parents. Fortnite is a fun game for all ages, but somehow adults tend to see a bit more of a backlash for enjoying it.

Honestly, with games like The Last of Us and Death Stranding presenting complex storytelling and deep layers of character work within their narratives, we should really be past the idea that "video games are just for kids," right? Keep your chins up, adult Fortnite players.