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What's Batman's Bodycount In Batman V Superman?

For a guy who usually has a no-kill policy, Batman sure did kill a lot of people in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to YouTube video posted by Mr Sunday Movies, Ben Affleck's version of Batman killed 21 people in Zack Snyder's take on the Dark Knight.

Compare that to previous movie and TV adaptations of the vigilante and it's obvious that Batfleck is a cold-blooded killer. Blinded by his crusade for vengeance, he tramples everyone in his path – and in Batman v Superman, that trampling is often literal. In one instance, he mows down a bunch of Lex Luthor's guards with the Batmobile and while they might have been hired guns, they probably didn't deserve getting turned into goop by a sociopath claiming to have a noble moral code.

Watch all 21 of Batman's murders in the video above.

Of course, Batman has killed before. But most of the time, it's either due to inaction or because the victim happened to be standing in the bad guy's headquarters when Batman blows it up. Mr Sunday Movies put together another video on all those deaths, too.