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Why 'Suicide Squad' Will Be DC's 'Avengers' Killer

In an ambitious move, DC Comics and Warner Bros. put together an eclectic cast to bring the supervillains-turned-secret-agents series Suicide Squad to movie theaters, and it might just be the shot in the arm DC Comics needs to finally go head-to-head with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Suicide Squad Is A Team Of Villains Not Heroes

Right off the bat, the premise that powered The Avengers to box-office success is flipped on its head giving audiences something new and fresh instead of seeing the same, predictable superhero team-up that's now commonplace. While it's basically a given that members of The Avengers will do the right thing to triumph over evil, Suicide Squad is an unpredictable line-up of superpowered villains whose motives and actions can turn on a dime. Even if the "good guys" win, they're still the bad guys and there are no happy endings for this crew.

It's 'Game Of Thrones' But With Super-Villains

Whether from the bombs surgically implanted in their heads to insure compliance, the actions of their own villainous teammates, or going up against The Joker, no one is safe on the Suicide Squad, and it's a series that has no problems dropping major characters at any moment.

Batman Will Definitely Show Up

Everything's better with Batman in it. Everything.

We Get A New Joker On A More Epic Scale

Not only will we see Batman operate in an ever-expanding DC Cinematic Universe, we get a new version of The Joker played by Jared Leto that takes the character to a much larger, more majestic scale than anything that's come before in theaters. The stakes are so high, the only way to stop him is to throw a slapped-together team of villains at him until the last man's standing. No comic book movie to date has ever done anything like this.

World-Building Cameos That Aren't Waiting Around For 'Justice League'

As if Batman wasn't enough, rumors have circulated that fan-favorite characters like Nightwing, Red Hood, Black Manta, and others could appear, essentially pressing the accelerator on the DC Cinematic Universe which is taking a risky gamble pulling a reverse-Avengers to kick their film slate into high gear. DC could've waited for Justice League to arrive, but with Suicide Squad launching a full year in advance, DC is taking a bold, ambitious step and launching franchises off the backs of a super-villain team that flips the scripts on everything audiences have seen until now.