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Kellan Lutz Rumored For New He-Man Movie

It's been nearly 30 years since He-Man was last given the big-screen treatment, via 1987's delightfully campy (but not particularly good) Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella hamming it up and owning every scene as Skeletor, and a pre-Friends Courteney Cox.

It's been rumored since at least January that McG was involved in the development of a new Masters of the Universe. His exact involvement within the project hasn't been confirmed, but we can assume he's directing. Today, thanks to Twitter, we've finally gotten another little morsel of news. Actor Kellan Lutz, who played Emmet Cullen in the Twilight series and starred in the 2014 cinematic retelling of Hercules, recently took a meeting with McG and the president of his production company, Mary Viola. We know this because Lutz straight up tweeted about it. Here's what he had to say:

Hey @HeManTheMovie and all MOTU fans,

Had an amazing meeting with @McGsWonderland and@ItsMaryViola talking MOTU!


Doesn't confirm anything, other than that the movie is still alive, and that there's a good chance Lutz is in the running for the part of He-Man. He certainly meets the physical requirements for the part—he's a gigantic muscleman with blonde hair. That's all He-Man needs to be.