Mistakes Lurking In Batman Movies

Whether it's a psychopathic clown on the loose or a ridiculously beautiful cat burglar on the prowl, there's typically a lot going on in Gotham. Even on a relatively crime-free day, there's still a billionaire vigilante running around in a bat costume. In all the chaos, it isn't shocking that a few mistakes are made—and that apparently includes slip-ups by the very non-fictional filmmakers who put the Dark Knight on the big screen. In this list, we shine a spotlight on 10 Batman movie mistakes you might have missed.

Batman: Handprint vanish

When the Joker (Jack Nicholson) orders his cronies to destroy everything in Gotham's museum, one henchman gleefully smacks a bunch of handprints all over a painting. But in the very next frame, all of the graffiti has magically disappeared. Moms everywhere would like to know where he got those washable paints.

Batman Returns: Dark eye makeup vanishes

During a scene featuring Batman (Michael Keaton) and Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer), he's seen with the usual black shading around his eyes. But after a quick cutaway, it's suddenly gone—because he's about to remove his mask, and the sight of Batman with eye makeup and no cowl would be too disturbing for words.

The Dark Knight: Joker's fast hands

During the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight, the Joker and Batman tangle while the Gotham City Police Department looks on... but it seems like they got a little more tangled than anyone expected. As Batman holds Joker up against a wall, Joker holds onto Batman's arms with a pull-up grip. But when the camera angle changes, the Clown Prince is doing a chin-up instead...before his hands quickly return to their first position.

Batman and Robin: Black gloves vanish

Seated in the back seat of a limousine driven by Bane, Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) is clearly wearing black gloves when she removes the top of a box and raises her hands to her head. However, in the next shot, her gloves are gone.

Batman and Robin: Black, thorny bracelets appear on wrists

Poison Ivy is wearing thin, leaflike gloves when she welcomes Robin (Chris O'Donnell) into her lair. But when she angrily starts moving towards him, she's suddenly sporting spiky rubber bracelets. Although Poison Ivy can control plants, we're not so sure about her accessories.

Batman Begins: Gun next to coat, then away

When Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is waiting at the courthouse to shoot the man who killed his parents, a female assassin runs up and pushes a pistol up against the criminal's chest. When she shoots a split-second later, she seems to be holding the gun at least a foot away. Not even Batman moves that fast.

The Dark Knight: Pillow cleans itself

Things are understandably intense when the Joker (Heath Ledger) visits Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) in the hospital after messing up his face. The blood on the pillow must have felt the tension in the room too, because it instantly disappears about halfway through the scene.

The Dark Knight Rises: 'Heist' misspelled

Bruce Wayne stumbles upon this misspelled newspaper headline while conducting some online research about the cat burglar in town. Although cops had arrested the suspect in the story, somebody also apparently kidnapped the Gotham Times' copy editor.

Batman: Blood on Joker's chin disappears

Moments before he plummets from a helicopter, the Joker (Jack Nicholson) is visibly bloody from his mouth to his chin. And although the fall kills him, a close-up shot reveals it somehow did miracles for his chin.

Batman Returns: Milk carton vanishes, dishes move and plant pots appear

Single lady Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) is in such a rush when she runs out the door that she forgets to put the milk back in the fridge. But when she returns after transforming into Catwoman, the carton is nowhere to be seen and the dishes in the strainer are moved around, too. Did her cats tidy up, or did the milk have an even weirder night than she did?