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Reddit Is Calling This 2009 Film The 'Most Realistic' Post-Apocalypse Movie

Post-apocalyptic movies, which show the demise of humanity in the wake of a disaster or calamity, continue to be a dime and dozen. Some, like "Mad Max: Fury Road," ham up the carnage and chaos, showing humanity go off the edge in a completely unrealistic fashion. There are several underrated post-apocalyptic movies that you need to watch, but one stands out above the rest in terms of realism — at least according to the folks on Reddit. The social media site has deemed "The Road" to be the most realistic flick in the genre. 

There are several posts on film-centric subreddits highlighting how the 2009 flick — based on Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel — is a stark, harrowing depiction of humanity trying its best to survive in a hopeless world. Fans like u/Primary_Thing3968 described the pic as "a more realistic approach to the post apocalypse," which gave them a "better idea of what an event could look like in the United States." 

Several others agreed, with u/Aerowolf1994 pointing out how the film's realism made it stand out. "I love the idea that when there's no food or wildlife left, there's only one thing left to eat: each other," they wrote, adding, "I also like how there was no 'Mad Max' styled villains. Just regular people doing whatever they can to survive." Others, like u/AlmightyHamSandwich, contemplated how the pic's realistic nature made them realize that they're not cut out for living in the apocalypse. With praise like this, it's no surprise that "The Road" is considered one of the best post-apocalyptic films of all time

The Road is about a father and son trying live

Directed by John Hillcoat, "The Road" follows Man (Viggo Mortensen) and Boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) as a father-son duo trying to navigate the hellish landscape that's post-apocalyptic America. Stark and slim on details, the film isn't interested in showing why the world ended, but rather depicting the lengths people will go to survive in the wake of a mass extinction level. We'll go light on spoilers, but "The Road" is pure realism, showing just how depraved and cruel humanity can be when civil order is shattered.

What makes the movie truly stand out, at least when it comes to post-apocalyptic genre, is how it doesn't romanticize the end of days or make them feel larger-than-life. "I love both the film and book so much. Seems like every other post apocalyptic film or book somehow glamorizes the end of days in comparison to 'The Road,'" wrote u/Smoke_Stack707

Some have found the film to be a real source of inspiration to help navigate a potential real-life doom's day scenario. "I always looked at 'The Road' as more of a training manual for the possible horrific future that awaits us," shared u/LTPRWSG420. "One of the main objectives of the characters is to still hold onto the light no matter what, meaning don't resort to cannibalism and slavery when the world goes to hell."

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