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The Coming-Of-Age TV Series That Ruled Netflix

Netflix might have found its next hit series starring a breakout performer from the "Game of Thrones" universe. According to FlixPatrol, the coming-of-age dramedy "Geek Girl" is dominating the charts, and fans seem to have taken to the show.

"Geek Girl" stars "House of the Dragon" alum Emily Carey (fans will remember her performance as the young Alicent Hightower) as an awkward, bullied teenager who becomes a model after being discovered by a top agent. Thus begins a journey of navigating high school life and being in the public eye, which isn't always smooth sailing. Granted, nothing in "Geek Girl" is more brutal than the most disturbing scenes in "House of the Dragon," but Carey's latest outing is a reminder that being a teenager is tough in its own right.

Fans all over the world are impressed by "Geek Girl" Season 1, and they've taken to social media to share their thoughts on the coming-of-age caper. Let's find out what people are saying about the Netflix hit.

Geek Girl is a hit with fans

The success of "Geek Girl" can't hurt its chances of receiving a second season, and there are many fans who want to see it continue. Whether or not Netflix will greenlight more episodes remains to be seen, but those who have watched the show are hoping to see more of Harriet's adventures in the modeling world.

"This is such a fun show! Geek Girl is a mix of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging meets Absolutely Fabulous," @BeautyTies wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. A similar sentiment was echoed by @Naomi_D_Harvey, who said, "I truly loved Geek Girl on Netflix. Absolutely blooming brilliant."

Sadly, some viewers aren't optimistic about "Geek Girl" being renewed due to Netflix's proclivity for canceling shows, but they hope to be proven wrong. "Geek Girl might be the most unrealistic piece of entertainment about the fashion world, but is so SO wholesome," @_LightToMyDark said. "It probably won't be renewed but S1 was enough."

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