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The 100 Ending After Season 7

The 100 will soon slow down to 0. 

Series creator Jason Rothenberg announced on Twitter that The 100 will end following its upcoming seventh season. Network the CW confirmed the news ahead of the show's presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour over the weekend. 

"With #The100 Season 6 finale just days away, I have some bittersweet news to share: Season 7 will be our last," Rothenberg wrote. "We are eternally grateful to WB & CW for always allowing us to tell our story the way we want to & to wrap the show on our terms. What an incredible ride this has been!"

Kass Morgan, the author of the young adult novel series by which The 100 is inspired, also took to social media to express gratitude for the show and to give thanks to the cast and crew for bringing her stories to life over the past five years. 

"What a tremendous run!" she tweeted. "Thanks to @JRothenbergTV, @The100writers, and the incredible cast and crew for seven innovative, mind-bending, electrifying seasons. It was a privilege to watch my space delinquents go on such extraordinary adventures with you."

Launched on the CW in 2014, The 100 centers around a group of survivors that initially included Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), Wells Jaha (Eli Goree), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), and John Murphy (Richard Harmon). This team of rag-tag adolescents (most of whom are criminals) make up the first wave of people (the first 100, hence the title of the series) to return to Earth after fleeing to a space habitat known as the Ark following a nuclear apocalypse. 

Over the years, The 100 has gone from "a rare high-concept guilty pleasure" to audacious and addicting. It's also one of the rare television series that has actually gotten better with time. Critics were split on the first season of The 100, which clocks in at a so-so 74 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Seasons 2, 5, and 6 are all sitting pretty with 100 percent critical scores, with seasons 3 and 4 coming in at 90 and 92 percent, respectively. That might not sound like a huge accomplishment, but considering what happened with critical darling Game of Thrones during its final season, that The 100 has continued to improve is quite impressive. 

Though it's sad to hear that The 100 is coming to an end with season 7, the bright side is that the series is wrapping up on its own terms and giving its characters proper send-offs. Had the show continued on for years without a stopping point in sight, it could have veered into the ridiculous. Had it been cancelled without warning, it might have been left incomplete. It's surely not fun news knowing that the end is nigh for The 100, but some solace can be found in the fact that the show will conclude exactly the way it's meant to.