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The Pirates Of The Caribbean Actor Who Died From A Shark Attack

Tamayo Perry, a surfer, lifeguard, and occasional actor whose credits include a small role in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," has died at the age of 49 after a shark attack. The incident occurred on Sunday, June 23, when Perry was surfing near Goat Island. Despite attempts to revive him at the scene, he was pronounced dead, leaving a massive void within the local surfing community. 

In addition to playing a buccaneer in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Perry also had some other ocean-tangential credits. These include parts in the 2002 movie "Blue Crush" (one of many underrated surfer movies everyone should watch) and on a 2011 episode of "Hawaii Five-0." However, based on his social media presence, his true passion seems to have been surfing. In 2000, he scored highly at both the Pipeline Masters Trials and the Billabong Pro Trials, quickly earning a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the surfing community. More recently, he had worked a lifeguard off Oahu's North Shore.

Kurt Lager, the Honolulu Ocean Safety Acting Chief, said at a news conference (via AP News) that "Tamayo's personality was infectious and as much as people loved him, he loved everyone else more." Perry's death is an immense loss to the community, as Lager described him as a "lifeguard loved by all."

Tamayo Perry posted a tribute to his wife before his passing

While shark attacks are rare, there are plenty of incidents that have occurred over the years, including with other surfers. One of the most famous happened to Bethany Hamilton, whose story was dramatized in the mostly accurate "Soul Surfer" movie. She lost her arm but survived her encounter; tragically, Tamayo Perry wasn't as lucky. 

Perry had a brush with death previously, as recounted on the website for his surfing lesson business, Oahu Surfing Experience. Perry described a near-fatal event that stuck with him: "The incident happened all because of someone else's lack of awareness. The lessons I've taken from that event have inspired me to my goal of instilling proper surf etiquette and safety into those whom I teach." Just a few weeks prior to his death, Perry took to Instagram to wish his wife, bodyboarder Emilia Perry, a happy birthday. He wrote, "You are a wild child & it will be an honor to share many more birthdays, surf sessions & journeys around God's glorious planet together with you my darling."

An outpouring of support has come in from the surfing community, as people remember what a wonderful spirit Perry was. He was someone who lived life to the fullest, and those wanting to pay respects can find him in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." Sadly, he joins an ever-increasing list of "Pirates of the Caribbean" actors who have already passed away