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Why The Watchmen Animated Movie Is Rated R

Fans who are concerned about "Watchmen: Chapters 1 & 2" being watered down takes on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' landmark anti-superhero story needn't worry. FilmRatings.com has confirmed that the first installment has received an R rating for violence and graphic nudity, which are common elements of the graphic novel on which the film is based. It seems that the animated adaptation will embrace the dark history of "Watchmen," so parents should keep these flicks away from their kids.

The upcoming "Watchmen" adaptation is being billed as an authentic take on the source material. If that's the case, viewers can probably expect lots of risqué content, including shots of Dr. Manhattan — a god-like blue superhero — walking around with his private parts hanging out. Manhattan's big blue member is very noticeable in the original graphic novel, and any true adaptation needs to include it in all its glory.

Of course, the entire "Watchmen" comic book story is littered with disturbing and violent moments that aren't for the easily squeamish. These scenes will be realized in "Watchmen: Chapter 1" and the second installment, as evidenced by the dark and gruesome trailer for both films.

The Watchmen trailer promises violence and despair

The first trailer for "Watchmen: Chapters 1 & 2" is a bleak affair that teases lots of mayhem. Early on, we see Eddie Blake, aka the Comedian, being thrown from his apartment window and plummeting to his death. Elsewhere, there are scenes of nuclear devastation, shootouts, and war crimes being committed with flamethrowers. It seems that Alan Moore's nihilistic vision is intact here, so expect a compellingly gruesome tale of murder and devastation.

An authentic adaptation of "Watchmen" has the potential to become one of the best superhero movies of all time. Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel is widely regarded as a bona fide classic that continues to inspire creators and readers to this day. As such, any on-screen iteration that tells the story the way it was originally envisioned stands a great chance at success. Only time will tell if the upcoming animated movies live up to these lofty expectations, but at least they won't be neutered when it comes to violence and nudity.