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The Jason Momoa Guinness Commercial Director's Cut Is A Secret Stargate Reunion

From "Game of Thrones" to "Aquaman," Jason Momoa's story is a tale of triumph and success. However, the actor owes some of his Hollywood superstardom to his days as Ronon Dex on the cult sci-fi series "Stargate Atlantis." Many fans of the show would love to see Momoa return to the Pegasus Galaxy, but watching him drink Guinness with his old co-star Joe Flanigan, aka Major John Sheppard, is the next big thing.

The reunion comes courtesy of a commercial for the aforementioned beer. It begins with Momoa brooding in a bar until he reads a letter that forces him to dash across town. After sliding down some escalators, angering motorists, and performing stunts that would make his action movie characters proud, the "Fast and Furious" star reaches another bar and screams, "I'm f***ing Irish." A man watches on with a smirk on his face — and that fella is none other than Flanigan.

The commercial concludes with Flanigan informing Momoa that he's only a little bit Irish, but that doesn't stop everyone from celebrating and raising a toast. Furthermore, the pair's bar exchange hasn't gone unnoticed by fans of the sci-fi series that introduced them in the first place.

Fans react to the beer-filled Stargate Atlantis reunion

The "Stargate" franchise has produced some binge-worthy sci-fi shows, and fans haven't forgotten about the interstellar adventures Major John Sheppard and Ronon Dex shared. As such, many were shocked and delighted to see the pair reunited. "It was great and put a smile on my face to see them together again," Reddit user u/manualLurking said.

Elsewhere, some fans couldn't help but comment on all of the sexiness on display. While Jason Momoa is widely regarded as one of Hollywood's hunkiest men, "Stargate" fans pointed out that his former co-star is delicious in his own right. "I f***ing love it," u/Suave_Sunbeam wrote. "Sheppard is looking good with the gray." Redditor u/bismuth12a echoed this view, writing, "Didn't realize he'd become a certified silver fox."

Of course, the reunion also got some people's imaginations working, with u/TheScarletEmerald pitching the creation of a show that combines otherworldly expeditions with acclaimed Irish stouts. "Hinting at the new Stargate: Guinness show, coming soon," they wrote. That might not happen, but perhaps the commercial will inspire fans to go watch the "Stargate" franchise again, ideally in order.

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