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Hustlers: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu Scam Wall Street Clients In First Trailer

Get ready for the most star-studded revenge story of the year –– the new Hustlers trailer has been released, promising an irresistible story alongside an incredible female-driven cast that will hit theaters on September 13.

Based on a real-life exposé by The Cut's Jessica Pressler, Hustlers tells the story of a group of former club workers hell-bent on revenge against some of their richer clients. In real life, these daring women literally "hustled" men out of tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes turning to some pretty dark (and a few illegal) methods, refusing alcohol or drugs to keep their minds as sharp as possible.

The team of stripping swindlers will come to life on the big screen with an unbelievable cast led by Jennifer Lopez alongside Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, rap queen Cardi B, pop star Lizzo, and Riverdale's resident doe-eyed Betty, Lili Reinhart. Lopez's character, Ramona, teaches Wu how to dance, charm, and scam some of the richest men in New York City so that she and the rest of the girls can keep their families comfortable — and pick up a few designer goods for themselves, of course.

"The game is rigged and it does not reward people who play by the rules," declares Ramona as she wages war against Wall Street and tries to keep her girls safe (while racking plenty of cash along the way).

Ever since Bridesmaids proved once and for all that women could score at the box office just as easily as their male counterparts, women have been ruling movie screens in ensemble films like Girls Trip, Ocean's 8, and Widows –– and thanks to its heist-focused plot, Hustlers definitely shares some DNA with those last two. It's always amazing to see a team of strong women dominate the big screen, and it looks like Hustlers will prove itself to be yet another example of a female-led movie making it big. On top of that, Lorene Scafaria developed Hustlers for the silver screen and sits in the director's seat, giving the flick an extra boost of girl power.

Since this is only the first trailer for Hustlers in advance of its September release, audiences have time to get excited about this lady-led film, so keep an eye out for more Hustlers updates, trailers, and more.