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Interstellar 2: Will we ever get to see the sequel?

It's been almost five years since Interstellar, Christopher Nolan's sci-fi space epic starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, graced silver screens worldwide. In that time, it seems everyone has wondered whether Nolan would go back into the depths of space, toy with time, and tug on heartstrings with an Interstellar sequel.

But really, what are the chances that will actually happen? Will we ever get to see Interstellar 2?

Well, Nolan hasn't confirmed or denied that an Interstellar sequel is in the stars, but there's some information lingering out there that helps us answer the big question.

For starters, McConaughey, who top-lined Interstellar as widowed engineer and ex-NASA pilot Joseph Cooper, revealed in November of 2014 that he's open to signing on for a second Interstellar movie, should the opportunity arise and if everything about the project feels right. When Sky News asked him whether viewers would get to see an Interstellar sequel with him reprising his role, McConaughey said, "It's possible, I'd have to go through the due diligence I always do — script, director, et cetera, but it's possible."

He also shared with IGN that same month that things were "teed up for [the] possibility" of an Interstellar 2, for "life to carry on and adventures to carry on." 

McConaughey's comments obviously show that he's interested in making an Interstellar sequel (or at least was as of November 2014), which is noteworthy considering the actor has never been a part of a film franchise. A potential Interstellar sequel would change that, marking a first in McConaughey's decades-long career. That McConaughey is down to do a sequel shows that he truly believes in Interstellar as a property — and, you know, actor enthusiasm is a pretty big thing when it comes to getting a follow-up film going.

However, McConaughey's remarks also highlight something very important when it comes to discussing sequels: whether one would make any sense at all. The actor noted that the script would have to be rock-solid in order for him to join the Interstellar sequel, meaning that he's not going to go running to the project if the story is even slightly flimsy. And with Interstellar, a second movie could very much be limp, uninspired, or worse yet, forced. Considering where Interstellar left off, there isn't a lot that Nolan — or any other writer-director for that matter — could do with a sequel. Sure, it could deal with Cooper's relationship with Amelia Brand (Hathaway's character) and chronicle their time on Dr. Wolf Edmunds' planet, but is that something people would be interesting in seeing? On the other hand, an Interstellar follow-up could be more of a spin-off movie (possibly centered around Cooper's son, Tom), or it might go the prequel-sequel route. Again, the question of audience interest applies with these possibilities as well. 

As is one of his signatures, Nolan tied up Interstellar in the exact way he wanted to — with a happier ending that wasn't all doom and gloom as the original script he wrote with Jonathan Nolan. It stands to reason that, when it comes to possibly making Interstellar 2, if Nolan wants to do it, he will. For right now, it looks like an Interstellar sequel is nothing more than a hypothetical, though Nolan might end up surprising us and taking a stab at a second movie, provided he actually has more to say about humanity, love, and space.