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Lucifer Lands Fifth And Final Season On Netflix

Lucifer's time on Earth is coming to an end. 

Netflix dropped a bittersweet bit of news on Thursday, June 6: the streamer renewed the supernatural urban fantasy series Lucifer for a fifth season, but that fifth season will be its last. 

The official Twitter account for Lucifer confirmed the chatter by sharing a video of lead actor Tom Ellis, who plays the devil-turned-nightclub-owner-slash-detective Lucifer Morningstar, celebrating the fact that the show scored one last season.

"Thanks to the lucifans, #lucifer's story will come to an end the way it should: the fifth and final season is coming to @netflix," reads the caption of the video. Both Ellis and the end slate of the clip invite viewers to tune into the concluding chapter of Lucifer, and tease that they'll see fans "in hell." 

Neither Netflix nor anyone involved in the production of Lucifer offered an explanation as to why the series is wrapping up with season 5 — but in the same regard, no one seems bummed about it. In fact, the general mood in the Lucifer fandom is one of gratitude and appreciation. This is likely down to the fact that Lucifer had been cancelled once before, and viewers are happy that the show has a chance to end in the right way at all. Fox kicked Lucifer to the curb after its third season on air (presumably due to consistently low ratings), leaving everyone to think the show would end on a massive cliffhanger with tons of loose threads still dangling in the wind. Fans raised hell (pun absolutely intended, friends) on social media — which caught the attention of Netflix. The streamer swooped in to save the day, reviving Lucifer with a 10-episode order for season 4, which debuted on May 8.

Perhaps Lucifer creator Tom Kapinos and executive producers Ildy Modrovich, Len Wiseman, Jonathan Littman, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Joe Henderson realized they needed just one more season to tell the series' story in its entirety, and approached Netflix brass about getting a fifth and final season renewal. Or maybe Netflix made the decision for them, then the creative team sat down and fleshed out a plan to tie up the show in a satisfying way. 

Regardless, it seems no one is up in arms over Lucifer ending its run on Netflix. The streamer is honored to have the chance to give Lucifer an explosive conclusion: "We're thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have embraced this series on Netflix, and we can't wait to give them the big finish they've all been waiting for." And the minds behind the show feel just as lucky for the opportunity. Lucifer executive producers Modrovich and Henderson issued a statement thanking Netflix for rescuing the series in its time of need, and for believing in it wholeheartedly: "We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms. Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!!"

Netflix hasn't announced when fans can witness the "best" of Lucifer, but it probably won't be for several months, as the show's fourth season hit the streamer just a month before its season 5 renewal. Check back with Looper for future Lucifer updates as more information becomes available.