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Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In Ubisoft's The Division

All eyes are on Assassin's Creed to see if it can break the stigma attached to video game adaptations, but in the meantime, Ubisoft already has another IP on its way to the silver screen: Variety reports that Jake Gyllenhaal is set to produce and star in a movie based on the developer's newest hit game, The Division.

Tom Clancy's The Division tells the story of a New York City ravaged by a smallpox outbreak spread via infected dollar bills circulated on Black Friday. Manhattan is quarantined, and as you'd expect, all hell breaks loose. There's rioting, looting, and a complete abandonment of social order as the island spirals into chaos and criminal activity. Each player character is a member of the Strategic Homeland Defense Division, who must infiltrate the ruined city and help restore order while ultimately trying to help develop a vaccine. There are rioters, Rikers Island escapees, and many more in the Division's path to saving Manhattan's inhabitants. Things get even crazier due to a group of rogue agents and the introduction of a private military company that was left abandoned during the evacuation. We have a feeling Gyllenhaal will be the lead member of the Division heading into the city during the movie.

The project is without a launch window or even a writer attached, which means we can't imagine The Division hitting theaters until 2017 or later. Ubisoft's other movie, the Michael Fassbender-led Assassin's Creed, is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2016. There's also a film based on Ubisoft's Splinter Cell franchise in the works, with Tom Hardy in the lead role of Sam Fisher.