Agatha All Along's First Trailer Reveals The MCU's Creepiest Entry Yet

It really was Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) all along. 

After a long wait — longer than previously anticipated, as "Agatha All Along" was initially slated to be released in late 2023, only to be pushed back to a fall 2024 debut date — fans have finally gotten to glimpse the first trailer for Agatha's solo series. The set of clips sees our titular antiheroine emerge from the spell that Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) places on her at the tail end of "WandaVision." Now that Agatha remembers who she is, she starts planning her next move. There's just one problem with that — she's lost her magical powers.

Since Agatha is normally very powerful, she's naturally annoyed by this turn of events. We expect her exploits to bring her in contact with an unnamed teenager (Joe Locke) along with a wide variety of old foes and new friends. There's Lilia (Patti LuPone), a witch who tells fortunes nowadays; there's Jennifer Kale (Sasheer Zamata); and there's Rio Vidal (Aubrey Plaza), who might pose the biggest threat to Agatha's quest. Magical derring-do is on display, and audiences will be left with no doubt that Agatha's coven is as chaotic as covens get. 

This is just a sample taste of what's coming up for the witch formerly known as Agnes. Hahn has been very excited to watch Agatha blossom as a character and take the lead in her own show.

Kathryn Hahn thinks Agatha would love to know she's in a spin-off

Kathryn Hahn revealed in an extra on the "WandaVision" complete series DVD that she was immediately on board when Disney pitched her an Agatha-centered spin-off. "We knew we had something special on our hands, but I think we were all flabbergasted by the reception," Hahn admitted, recalling Agatha's surprise popularity during the streaming premiere of "WandaVision" in 2021. She added that she thought Agatha would be over the moon to be the central figure of a spin-off.

Hahn said she wants "Agatha All Along" to be must-see TV and something everyone in the family looks forward to. The fact that new episodes of "WandaVision" became appointment television for audience members — an impressive feat since the Friday night viewing slot has long been problematic for networks — impressed Hahn, and she seems to want the tradition to continue on her own series. With any luck, Agatha's first quest will lead to many more.