The Last Of Us Starring Danny DeVito's Frank From It's Always Sunny Will Kill You

For 16 seasons and counting, Danny DeVito has co-starred as the erratic Frank Reynolds on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." Now, thanks to the editing skills of YouTube creator @eli_handle_b.wav, he's also starring in a mash-up of "It's Always Sunny" and the PlayStation video game "The Last of Us." And the results will leave viewers with little doubt about how Frank Reynolds would fare in a fungal-zombie apocalypse.

Entitled "Frank Reynolds in The Last of Us," the one minute and 22 second comedic short inserts Frank into a series of "The Last of Us" scenes, starting with the initial outbreak of the Cordyceps brain infection, before fast forwarding 20 years to show him navigating the dystopian nightmare the world has become. One of the longstanding jokes on "It's Always Sunny" is that Frank is deeply attached to his gun, and in the short, he uses it to terrifying effect as one of the soldiers trying to keep the infected at bay. Other highlights from the video include Frank taking out the infected with a mallet and pitching his idea of pumping fresh air into a building filled with spores using a garden hose. 

Frank Reynolds in The Last of Us is the crossover event no one knew they needed

If @eli_handle_b.wav's comment section tells us anything, it's that the world can't get enough of Frank Reynolds, and that it's now canon that "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The Last of Us" exist in the same universe. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that we'll ever live in a world where Frank Reynolds really joins the fight against the infected, but when it comes to actor Danny DeVito, it's feasible that we could be looking at a different story.

One of the bright spots of Season 1 of HBO's "The Last of Us" was the impressive parade of celebrities who signed on for brief — but meaty — character arcs on the show. Melanie Lynskey, Nick Offerman, and Storm Reid all made the most of their time with the series, and while there's absolutely no indication that DeVito has any plans to join the cast or Season 2, now that we've seen him hanging out with the infected, nothing would make us happier than for him to appear on the show.

With the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes finally behind us, Variety reports that "The Last of Us" Season 2 is expected to enter production at some point in early 2024, with a targeted premiere date in winter 2025. Back in September, show co-creator Neil Druckmann told Entertainment Weekly that Season 2 is completely outlined and ready to start filming. Here's hoping this video mash-up inspires the show's production team to find room in the script for a Danny DeVito stunt casting.