Does Omni-Man Die In The Invincible Comic Book Series?

Omni-Man is one of the most powerful characters in the "Invincible" comic book universe, a superhuman who, at times, appears to be unstoppable. However, despite seeming invincible himself, Omni-Man does eventually die.

In "Invincible" (by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley, Rus Wooton, and Bill Crabtree), Omni-Man goes from being one of the most respected and beloved heroes on Earth to one of its primary enemies. Secretly working on behalf of the Viltrumites, a group of mighty planetary conquerors, Omni-Man eventually betrays his son Mark, his wife Debbie, and the rest of the world to continue his alien race's mission to rebuild their empire through conquest.

Omni-Man's Viltrumite-based powers make him a true force to be reckoned with, allowing him to take down powerful heroes including the Guardians of the Globe, Invincible, and other aliens. However, Omni-Man eventually sees the error of his ways and turns against the Viltrum Empire. In "Invincible" #141, Omni-Man battles the Grand Regent Thragg, one of the strongest Viltrumites, in a last stand to take down the conquerors he once sided with. Thragg ends up ripping Omni-Man into pieces, damaging his heart, and forcing his healing factor to stop working. Invincible then kills Thragg and is saved by Allen the Alien, preventing his own demise. In his last conversation with his son, Omni-Man pleads for Mark to show the Viltrumies compassion and help them transform from angry warriors to a peaceful race. Omni-Man dies, admitting Mark changed him and declaring that he can change the Viltrumites, too.

Will the Invincible show follow the same path for Omni-Man?

Amazon Prime Video's "Invincible" series largely follows the same plot points as the comic book it is based on. So, Omni-Man may eventually die like his comic counterpart, but "Invincible" hasn't been afraid to update the comic's storylines and make changes when needed. From how Mark got his Invincible nickname, making characters like Debbie more complex, to framing Invincible's fight with Omni-Man in the finale differently, there are notable tweaks. When "Invincible" showrunner Simon Racioppa spoke with The Direct about Season 2, they said the changes were made in order to best adapt it to the animated medium.

"There's other stories that we adapt slightly differently than they are in the books. So we modernize things, we bring them forward again," Racioppa said. "Robert [Kirkman] is always happy when we have ideas to just improve things a little bit, get a little deeper, go a bit further into the emotions of the storyline. But I don't think there's anything that we left out on purpose. It was more about finding what's the best way to adapt this. What's the best way to take this from the books and put it into- into a different medium — into television?"

It's possible Omni-Man's death will not occur in the same way as it did in the comics, if he even dies at all. However, given how important a plot point it is towards the end of the "Invincible" comic book series, when the show decides to wrap up, it would be surprising to see Omni-Man make it to the end alive.