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One Loki Quote In Season 2 Confirms Everything Has Changed

Even in Season 2, "Loki" continues to prove its dominance as a Marvel Disney+ show. Of course, it helps the series is led by Tom Hiddleston's Loki, who's always been a fan-favorite dating back to his first appearance in 2011's "Thor." But the god of mischief has come a long way, and fans have latched onto one quote of his from Season 2's "Heart of the TVA." 

A pivotal point in the episode is when Loki speaks with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) about their role in preserving the Time Variance Authority as well as the universe's free will. At one point, Sylvie says, "Sounds like whatever we do, we're playing god." Loki replies, "We are gods." It's three words, but it really says everything, as Redditor u/cbekel3618 pointed out in a discussion thread, "Loki and Sylvie's convo makes me really appreciate just how far Loki's come as a character since S1 as well as just how damn good Hiddleston is in the role."

But it was Loki's "We are gods" line that really struck a chord, as u/thatfriendyouforgot dissected, "I loved the delivery of this line. Godhood used to make Loki feel superior, entitled, and ambitious. Now, it makes him feel responsible and maybe a little resigned. A lot of character growth conveyed in three words." 

"Loki" could've rested on its laurels by having time-traversing shenanigans, but it's really made the effort to flesh out the titular character in a way that wasn't possible in the films.

Loki's perception of godhood has changed over the years

Loki has clearly come a long way since entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when looking at how he behaved in 2012's "The Avengers." When Loki comes to Earth, he seeks to rule humanity, making people bow before him. He's a god, so he believes he deserves to rule those he views as inferior. But a lot has changed, and now, Loki's godhood doesn't quite make him as arrogant as he was. 

One reason for this could be that godhood doesn't mean as much now that Loki is aware of the totality of the multiverse. Redditor u/Startled_Pancakes brought up this solid point, "When you think about it, the TVA were mostly (entirely?) regular humans who could depower or casually erase gods from existence, and erase entire timelines from existence. It really flipped the presumed power hierarchy on its head." This goes in tandem with the first episode of "Loki" when he stumbles upon Infinity Stones in a drawer, completely useless. Everything Loki thought he knew about power became meaningless when he uncovered forces out there that went well beyond his comprehension. 

Being a god doesn't mean Loki deserves to rule. However, that power does mean he has a responsibility to use it in ways that matter. There's an infinite number of Lokis out there, meaning there's an infinite amount of gods. It sort of ruins the illusion that the Loki we all know and love is special in any way. But he's in the right place and time to help the multiverse, so it's up to him to protect it.