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A Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Trailer Scene Unearths A Strange Godzilla Question

The MonsterVerse is set to return to the screen with "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters," AppleTV+'s series that will see Godzilla and his kaiju kin stomp their way through various corners of the earth. The series will center around the titular scientific agency as they learn all about the world's monster infestation. The series will represent a new era for the colossal creatures, but it will also look at the monster movies of the past.

Godzilla is synonymous with rising from the ocean, but that isn't his only way to make an entrance. In 1964's "Godzilla vs. Mothra," the former kaiju rises from the earth and gets ready to go to war with his nemesis. Meanwhile, a teaser trailer for "Monarch: Legacy of Godzilla" pays tribute to this element of the King of the Monsters' legacy by having the gargantuan lizard rise from the earth.

"Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" teases callbacks to the halcyon days of Toho's greatest monster pictures. This has led to more excitement for the series too, as kaiju enthusiasts are excited about the upcoming series. However, it's also led to fans wondering why the kaiju can rise from a non-ocean setting.

How can Godzilla rise from the earth?

Godzilla might be an ocean monster, but the Toho franchise proves that he can crop up anywhere at any time. However, the shot of Godzilla rising from the earth has made some fans wonder why Godzilla is capable of popping up from here as opposed to the ocean — and the director of "Terminator: Salvation" might be responsible. 

"I think the original idea was that McG was supposed to be a direct sequel to King Kong vs Godzilla, and that Large Gs body was washed to shore, and buried by the same Hurricane that washed Mothras egg to shore," u/Quackendriver wrote. Of course, other kaiju aficionados have alternative theories, as u/horrofans speculated that Godzilla's earth-based burial may have pertained to him keeping bad company. "His friends buried him in the sand and forgot about him," they wrote. Alternatively, as u/Firehawk195 notes, natural disasters may have thwarted the monster.

No matter what the backstory for Godzilla's rise from earth may be, the teaser trailer gives fans plenty to look forward to when "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" is released on Apple TV+ on November 17.