Burning Questions For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6

In the show, Arya's final scene shows her going blind after her first big kill, possibly fitting as sort of a punishment for killing with her heart instead of her mind. But in the novels — specifically A Dance with Dragons — Arya is only made blind temporarily as part of her training, and she is given back her site before receiving her first big assignment. So the question remains, will Arya Stark stay blind in the show, or is her visual disability still going to be temporary?

Where Is Benjen Stark?

Even after the fifth season has concluded, we still don't know what has happened to Benjen Stark. At one point, we were teased with the return of his horse (of course, without Benjen). But back in season one, Benjen went beyond The Wall and has yet to return. Now, we don't know whether or not Benjen is still alive, but we're fully expecting to learn at least something about his fate in Game of Thrones' sixth season.

Will Jorah And Daario Find Daenerys?

The odds of Jorah and Daario finding Daenerys seem hopeless. Let's think about it: Daenerys flew away on Drogon's back, and who knows how long they were flying. They could be hundreds of miles away from the unlikely duo, and who knows in what direction? Furthermore, Daenerys is seemingly going to be captured by Khal Jhaqo — at least that's what happens in the novels.

Will We See Gendry Again?

We refuse to believe that Gendry is gone forever. We last saw him in season three after he was seduced and leached by The Red Woman, and sent on a rowboat in the direction of King's Landing. After the conclusion of season four, the actor that plays Gendry (Joe Dempsie) tweeted that he's "still rowin'." We don't know if Gendry got halfway there and turned around, drowned, or arrived in Myreen. No one knows.

Game of Thrones' fifth season is undeniably the best season yet. We laughed, we cried...well, mostly cried. But the season finale left us with a sour taste in our mouths, as well as a ton of questions to be answered. Not to mention there are plenty of loose ends from other seasons that have yet to be tied up. So, we've narrowed down the 9 biggest questions that need to be answered in season 6. Check them out, below.

Where Is Rickon Stark?

We last saw Rickon Stark when he and Osha left Bran and the others, heading to Last Hearth to find House Umber, the seemingly last remaining loyalists to the Starks. With Theon mentioning to Sansa that Rickon wasn't burned, it's likely that we'll see Sansa seek out her brothers, and it's probable that we'll see Bran and Rickon in Season 6.

What Will Samwell Tarly Do Without Jon Snow?

Samwell Tarly without Jon Snow is a seemingly irrelevant character — or rather, we care less about him. We have no doubt that Sam still has his importance in the story, but what could it be? We originally thought he was just Jon Snow's right hand man, but now that Jon Snow is seemingly dead, what does Sam do?

Will We See Jon Snow Again?

Yes, he was brutally stabbed, and the show made it look like Jon Snow will not survive. But there are tons of theories revolving around Lord Commander Snow's possible return, including being resurrected by the Red Woman, the inclusion of Lady Stoneheart (although the showrunners claim that won't happen), and even being reborn in the fire they intend to burn his body in. All of these possibilities are plausible in a world where White Walkers roam the lands.

With Ser Robert Strong Appearing, Will We See Lady Stoneheart?

The showrunners vowed to not include Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones, simply because she is basically a zombie version of Catelyn Stark, and they thought they (and actress Michelle Fairley) were above all of that. But we've seen ice zombies already, and we've seen Ser Robert Strong, the resurrected Mountain in all his Frankensteinian glory.

What Happens To The Tyrells?

Where's grandma Tyrell? Where's Margaery? Has husband dearest really just let her rot down in the dungeons? We have to assume King Tommen will wise up and realize he's king, right? Who knows, but that plot point really irritates us. The fact that Tommen wasn't even in the last couple of episodes was a poor choice.