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What Famous Pop Singer Stars As The New Devotion Perfume Commercial Actress?

Katy Perry was inescapable in the world of pop music for a while. Her 2010 album, "Teenage Dream," boasted five No. 1 Billboard singles in the United States, making her the only solo female artist to accomplish such a feat to this day. Her music may not be as omnipresent as it used to be, but she's still making waves, including as the current Devotion perfume commercial actress.

The new ad from Dolce&Gabbana on YouTube shows Perry gallivanting around a quaint Italian village, taking pictures with the locals, and partying. However, there's a handsome stranger who sees her at the beginning and end of the commercial. With the fragrance being called "Devotion," the ad perfectly encapsulates the idea of two people being so devoted to one another that it becomes destiny to wind up together. 

Perry has made her mark in the entertainment industry in more ways than one. She's still putting out music, with her last album being 2020's "Smile." She's been a permanent judge on "American Idol" since 2018, and working with Dolce&Gabbana isn't even her first time being the face of a brand. She's previously done commercials for CoverGirl and Citi. When looking at her resume as a whole, it's clear she's a pop idol in every sense of the term.

Katy Perry's filmography is more extensive than you might think

The new Devotion perfume spot is far from the first time Katy Perry has acted. She's obviously most known for her music career and having numerous pop hits that still get regular rotation. However, she also has a fairly intensive filmography where she's mostly had a chance to play herself in a wide breadth of film and television projects. 

She lent her vocal talents to Smurfette in two "Smurfs" movies in 2011 and 2013. The role came at the height of her music superstardom, and she told Billboard in 2012 how she had intriguing plans for her acting future. And she had a fantastic inspiration. "I want to do stuff that's a little unrecognizable, the self-deprecation kind of humor where I don't always have to be lit so perfectly," Perry said. "I know I can be like the pretty girl, the teasing kitten. But what I want to do is be like a Jerri from Amy Sedaris' ['Strangers With Candy']. I just want to kind of transform." "Strangers With Candy" is one sitcom famously cited as ending too soon, and Perry would somewhat fulfill her desire as she soon launched into numerous comedic roles. 

She starred in various comedies and sitcoms, including "Zoolander 2," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Raising Hope." Arguably, one of her most famous appearances came during a bizarre live-action segment on "The Simpsons," where she's inexplicably dating a puppet version of Moe Szyslak. It certainly lives up to the self-deprecation Perry wanted to pursue, and whether she's an object of desire in a perfume ad or the only human among puppets, Katy Perry always stuns.