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NCIS: Sydney: When Is The 2023 Premiere Date?

The "NCIS" franchise continues to expand with its latest addition, "NCIS: Sydney," which will see a new team of agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Services take the fight against naval crimes to Australia. It will be fascinating for viewers to experience the first series set to take place outside of the U.S., and now, fans finally have an idea of when they can report for their first case.

"NCIS" fans were very excited to hear about the series when it was first announced in September 2022, and many of them probably weren't expecting the reveal that the show was getting a surprise fall 2023 release. Not long after that, "NCIS: Sydney" was confirmed as the only new show from CBS on the network's 2023-2024 schedule. Fans can catch the first episode of the international spinoff on Monday, November 13, 2023, at 10 p.m. on CBS. Follow-up entries will be released weekly on the same day and time slot.

The spinoff was created and executive produced by Morgan O'Neill and stars Todd Lassance, Olivia Swann, Tuuli Narkle, and Sean Agar. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach is very excited for fans to see what these talented individuals have put together, saying in a statement according to The Hollywood Reporter, "Featuring the stunning backdrop of Australia, the new series will incorporate the high-stakes intrigue, humor and camaraderie that have kept fans captivated by the NCIS teams for over two decades."

There is no denying people are looking forward to "NCIS: Sydney," but some might be surprised to see how certain fans feel about the incoming spinoff.

NCIS fans have mixed feelings about Sydney

It's arguably never been a better time to be an "NCIS" fan because it continues to expand with new episodes, crossovers, and spinoffs. But when it comes to "NCIS: Sydney," people seem somewhat split regarding their excitement levels.

When the first trailer for the series arrived, fans didn't hesitate to make sure their opinions were heard, like @reneejett6509, who commented on the video on YouTube saying, "So excited that the franchise keeps going and finds new ways to adjust to the current world." But others weren't very impressed by what they saw, like u/openew, who posted on Reddit, "It doesn't look like a good 'NCIS' show, and it doesn't look like a good Australian import. So sad."

While many either dismissed it completely or showcased their enthusiasm, some couldn't help but make comparisons to other titles in the franchise. YouTube user @pheemarlene4391 posted in the comments, "I'm willing to give it a look, but in my opinion, nothing will beat 'NCIS: LA.' ['Sydney'] looks like it could be okay." Some even threw shade at other shows, like a Reddit user Klinda-qlona6056, who posted, "I'll watch this before I watch 'NCIS: Hawaii.'" And @uplatewithdave wasn't sure if "NCIS: Sydney" was a big joke, asking in the YouTube comments, "This is the height of parody, right?"

The first look at "NCIS: Sydney" caused quite a stir among fans, and now that a release date has been identified, it will be interesting to see how the "NCIS" spinoff does when it finally releases.