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What Are Star Wars' Mortis Gods & Why Are They So Unspeakably Powerful?

"Star Wars" TV series architect Dave Filoni is unafraid of exploring the mystical components of "Star Wars" mythology beyond just Jedi wielding the Force. "Ahsoka" Episode 5, for example, revolves around an extended sequence that takes place in a liminal space between dream and reality. Perhaps the most notable time a Filoni "Star Wars" show has become explicitly surreal is the Mortis arc in "The Clone Wars," consisting of Episodes 15, 16, and 17 of Season 3.

Mortis is a planet that doesn't exist in conventional space — while Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka physically arrive and depart on a ship, they experience countless hours in what turns out to have only been a moment in the outside world. Furthermore, it doesn't appear to take up any space in the galaxy before or after their arrival. The sole inhabitants of this magical planet are the Son, the Daughter, and the Father, collectively known as the Mortis gods.

Plenty of details about these three quasi-deities are and will most likely forever remain unclear. That said, key to their dynamic is the fact that the Son is intrinsically linked with the dark side of the Force, the Daughter with the light side, and the Father with their balance. The immense power these beings wield seems to be a function of the fact that, more than just knowing the Force, they are the Force manifested in human form.

The Mortis gods defy reality and exist on a higher plane

Initially, the Father claims that the Mortis gods are beings who long ago attained great power and are therefore in a sort of exile. However, after the Daughter dies, the Father warns that the Son may then spiral out of control and upset the balance of the Force. These three beings, therefore, must be fundamentally linked to the Force if one's death can affect the very Force itself. Supporting this notion is the appearance of an ancient mural in "Star Wars: Rebels" Season 4, Episode 13 depicting the Mortis gods, confirming that they serve an important role in Jedi history.

The Son, meanwhile, shows Anakin visions of his future, further proving that they possess powers on a scale far beyond human capability. His interest in Anakin likewise mirrors the influence that the dark side has on the man who will become Darth Vader. All the while, the Father — balance — assesses Anakin's potential to become the Chosen One, presaging his redemption in "Episode VI."

By the end of "The Clone Wars" Season 3, Episode 17, all three Mortis gods are dead. However, the fact that they clearly transcend conventional existence suggests that their presence might not be gone from the universe so much as their roles in Anakin's life were merely fulfilled.