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This Batman Concept Design Gives Robert Pattinson's Batsuit An Upgrade

If you've seen "The Batman," you know that the version of the Batsuit seen in the film is in a realistically bulky style, surrounded by the kind of heavy plating you would need to survive Batman's usual activities without being seriously injured. But realism isn't everything when it comes to superheroes, and @datriniart on Instagram has come up with a concept that shows what Robert Pattinson's Batman might look like in a suit that's a little closer to the classic Batman silhouette seen in the comics.

The concept art, which you can check out in full below, was posted on Instagram back in 2020, long before "The Batman" was actually released. "The Batman" went in a different creative direction for its own version of the Batsuit, but the well-designed concept art still serves as an interesting glimpse at what might have been. And if there's one thing that DC Comics has sought to prove over the last few decades, it's that you can never have too many Batsuits. 

The fan-designed Batsuit is sleeker and less bulky than the one in the movie

The concept art seen above was described by the artist as a "Sleeker battinson suit concept." And for fans of the character who'd like to see Batman (Robert Pattinson) looking a little more traditionally superheroic, the concept art should satisfy. That includes fans like @callmemisterj, who seemed enthusiastic about the design's possible influences in a comment underneath the post. "A little Arkham, a little Bermejo, great work! Sleek vibe if Pattinson ends up in a updated suit similar to this," the user wrote. "Glad you kept the black & gray 💯." Whether or not the artist was actually influenced by 15th-century Spanish painter Bartolomé Bermejo is unknown, but it's certainly possible. 

Even though this concept art was conceived before the release of "The Batman," it's also natural to speculate whether a sleeker Batsuit like the one seen above could be seen in its eventual sequel. Assuming "The Batman 2" will pick back up sometime after the adventure of the first movie, Bruce Wayne would have ample opportunity and motivation to make his alter-ego's costume sleeker and more flexible. And here in the real world, it gives audiences a new visual version of Batman to enjoy and argue about on the internet. 

That doesn't necessarily mean that we'll see a sleeker Batsuit in "The Batman 2," which could well end up sticking to the real-world tactical styling seen in the first movie. But if Batman does end up upgrading his suit in "The Batman 2," it might end up looking pretty similar to this design.