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Star Wars: Carrie Fisher Slapped A Co-Star 40+ Times On The Last Jedi Set

Heavy is the head that wears in the crown or — in Oscar Isaac's case — heavy is the face that gets hit by the late, great Carrie Fisher. Resident ace pilot and all-around important character Poe Dameron (Isaac) is used to being a hotshot, but that is nothing compared to General Leia Organa (Fisher), who has been in the fight for the last four decades. In "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," the two have a difference of opinion, leading to Poe's demotation with a slap in the face to accompany it. As hard as it was for Poe to endure such treatment, it was even worse for the actor portraying him.

According to an outtake reel courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, Fisher had to hit Isaac at least 40 times for the shot. Director Rian Johnson readily admitted to this on Twitter, concurring: "It was Oscar's first day. Somehow he still speaks to me." This story was a popular anecdote around the press circuit, where Isaac told Steven Colbert on The Late Show that Fisher seemed to relish the opportunity and did not hold back on any of the takes. But as painful as it may have been for the "Moon Knight" actor, it got results. The scene was a significant moment for Poe during the film's events.

Poe gets a reality check

A source of conflict in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," Poe disregards military orders and takes out a Dreadnaught. But while he destroys the imposing weapon of destruction, he makes a lot of sacrifices to do so. This gets to the heart of Poe's emotional crux of the film, highlighting how powerless he feels in the face of an impossible villain.

"That first battle sequence shows his Achilles' heel, which is that he wants to be a hero," Rian Johnson noted in a behind-the-scenes video for Entertainment Tonight. The featurette shows Johnson directing Oscar Isaac in the scene, explaining how the actor should approach the character.

"It's like when someone drops a hard truth on you," Johnson told Isaac. "You reject it immediately just because you're not ready to learn that yet." Poe and Leia's dynamic is a significant part of the story. The pilot looks up to the general as a mentor, and she has met some swaggering hotheads in her time. This adds to her frustration with him, knowing that he has the potential to be better. Though a hard lesson to learn, Poe earns the slap heard around the galaxy. Getting this moment was paramount for his story in the film and establishing his relationship with Leia. Unfortunately for Isaac, it also may have merited some rough treatment.