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Captain America 4 Set Photo Teases The Return Of A Sinister Marvel Organization

Director Julius Onah's "Captain America: Brave New World" is on its way down the Marvel Studios production pipeline, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are understandably excited. It feels like it has been ages since "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" premiered on Disney+, so folks are eager to see the new Captain America (Anthony Mackie) back in action at long last. Though we have yet to see a trailer, between casting announcements and sneaky on-set photographs, we've begun to get a decent idea of what Sam Wilson will be up to in his very first solo feature.

In the latest round of leaked images from the "Brave New World" set, it has come to light that the movie will include the return of a villainous Marvel faction in some form. In an Instagram post from May 20, @atlanta_filming shared some photos of the film's set, revealing the logo of the Roxxon Corporation in the second one. The nefarious company has appeared in a handful of MCU productions over the years, most recently getting shout-outs on the Disney+ titles "Loki" and "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," though it has yet to properly take the cinema by storm.

Perhaps "Brave New World" will serve as the MCU movie that finally puts Roxxon in central antagonist territory. It certainly deserves the spot, given its comic book history.

Roxxon has been a villainous Marvel Comics staple for decades

The Roxxon Energy Corporation is introduced in 1974's "Captain America" #180, with Steve Rogers (then known as the Nomad instead of Captain America) tasked with rescuing its CEO, Hugh Jones, from the evil Serpent Squad. The villains use Jones to hunt down an artifact known as the Serpent Crown, which he eventually finds and is corrupted by. Using its power, he attempts to use Roxxon's resources to control the United States government — a scheme that comes to stand as one of many that the corporation and its leaders spearhead over the years. 

Once Roxxon and those who run it show their true colors, they clash with individual members of the Avengers and the entire team itself, coming up short in conflict more often than not. Still, given its positive persona among the general public and connections in both legal and illegal activities, it's quite a monumental corporate threat for Earth's heroes to handle. Therefore, if Marvel Studios is looking for a massive, shadowy organization to put up against the MCU's heroes à la Hydra, Roxxon is certainly a strong candidate.

The potentially Roxxon Corporation-featuring "Captain America: Brave New World" aims to premiere on July 26, 2024.