How I Met Your Father Canceled After Season 2

"How I Met Your Mother" became a small screen powerhouse throughout its time on CBS, earning an impressive nine seasons and over 200 episodes. In fact, it became such a fixture of the sitcom scene that when it concluded its television tenure in 2014, it left behind a pretty sizable void in the eyes of TV enthusiasts. Thus, when the news broke that a spin-off titled "How I Met Your Father" was ordered over at Hulu, excitement was high. Sadly, it seems that the series isn't destined to embark on a run similar to that of its award-winning predecessor.

Publications such as Variety reported on September 1 that "How I Met Your Father" has come to a sudden end. Hulu has elected not to bring the series led by "Lizzie McGuire" favorite Hillary Duff back for another set of episodes, just under two years after its premiere in January 2022. The program only managed to score two seasons and a total of 30 episodes before it came to an unceremonious end. At the time of this writing, a reason for "How I Met Your Father" ending up on the chopping block hasn't come to light. Time will tell if the rationale will ever reach the public.

It's a shame that "How I Met Your Father" won't get the chance to properly wrap up, but at least it made it to TV at all — unlike the other failed "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off.

At least How I Met Your Father made it further than How I Met Your Dad

Long before "How I Met Your Father" was formally announced and canceled before it could properly make a splash on television, plans were in place for a similar "How I Met Your Mother" off-shoot title. "How I Met Your Dad" went into development shortly after "How I Met Your Mother" concluded, and it seemed to have potential. "Barbie" director Greta Gerwig, Tiya Sircar, Drew Tarver, Nicholas D'Agosto, and Andrew Santino all joined the cast, and "How I Met Your Mother" creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, as well as Emily Spivey, led the charge behind the scenes.

Unfortunately for those involved, trouble started brewing shortly after the pilot episode was completed. In mid-2014, the chairman of CBS Entertainment at the time, Nina Tassler, shared that there were elements of the "How I Met Your Dad" pilot that simply didn't work, and they wanted it reshot. Bays and Thomas refused, so CBS brass decided to pass on the program altogether. It then wound up in limbo, eventually being canceled. "How I Met Your Father" later came to fruition, carrying on the memory of "How I Met Your Dad" and the legacy of "How I Met Your Mother" for as long as it could.

The only two seasons of "How I Met Your Father" are now streaming on Hulu.