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Clues From Daredevil That Hint At What To Expect From Punisher

By popular demand, Marvel Studios has asked Frank Castle to reload his guns for a standalone Netflix Punisher series. Walking Dead alumni Jon Bernthal's near-perfect portrayal of the broken Castle and his snarling, relentless demand for blind justice was one of our favorite aspects of Daredevil season two. Bernthal was just as badass and stoic as we'd expect, with just enough sadness shining through his bitter hatred for criminality. Here's a penny and dime's worth of what to expect (and spoilers) in the Punisher's new series based on his appearances in Daredevil. Bang!

A crumbling Castle

When Daredevil first met Frank Castle, he was a relentless executioner waging what was presumably a blind, single-handed war against organized crime. After a few exchanges, we discover there's much more to the Punisher's story and his methods. Matt Murdock eventually finds out that Castle lost his family. Bernthal's tear-jerking performance while exposing this part of his character's past was filled with just enough anger and sadness to add multiple layers to what could've been a potentially one-dimensional role. We have a feeling the Netflix series will take us even further inside Castle's disturbed psyche, underscoring how his tragic loss feeds into his bloodthirsty quest for vengeance.

Ultra violent

If there's one thing we're not going to question going into the Punisher Netflix series, it's bloodshed. That hardcore cell block fight from Daredevil should be more than enough proof that Netflix and Marvel aren't afraid to let the Punisher massacre criminals in the harshest of ways. Castle snapped bones and shanked fools while letting the blood fly, so you'd best believe his standalone Netflix show is going to be just as brutal— and since Netflix doesn't have to worry much when it comes to TV restrictions and censorship, so we can bank on all kinds of over-the-top violence. Here's hoping Frank Castle has just as much bleach and laundry detergent as ammunition—he'll need it in order to keep that skull on his chest a sparkling white through all the gore.

Finders keepers

In the comics, Frank Castle has made a habit of collecting (and using) weapons, gadgets, and toys taken from some of the villains he's defeated—as well as inventory collected from other superheroes. What kind of noteworthy gear has Castle kept in his comics war chest? He's had the Green Goblin's Pumpkin Bombs and Goblin Glider, the tentacles of Doctor Octopus, Ant-Man's Helmet (and Pym Particles), Hawkeye's bow and quiver, parts of an Iron Man armor set, and even Captain America's shield. While we're not expecting to see any of that in the show, we do expect Frank to start looting the bad guys he kills and adding their armories to his own private collection. We're particularly hoping he uses the minigun (and the rest of the weaponry) he got from Colonel Schoonover, also known as the Blacksmith, near the end of Daredevil season two. It'd make for a cool cameo if Castle wielded some zany, over-the-top weapon from an obscure Marvel bad guy he came across on his travels.

Microchip: from ally to bad guy

Daredevil season two wrapped up a lot of the Punisher's story arcs, especially when it comes to his family's massacre, the Blacksmith, and the District Attorney's cover-up. Everyone wants to know what was on the disc labeled "Micro" that Frank got from his home. This is likely in reference to Micro, a hacker who was previously mentioned in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. On this other Marvel spin-off, Micro is a member of the Rising Tide hacktivist group that included Daisy "Skye" Johnson at the beginning of the series. We have a feeling we'll meet Micro in person on the Punisher series, and he'll be some kind of computer genius helping Frank Castle behind the scenes. In the comics, David "Microchip" Lieberman is a former weapons maker who becomes the Punisher's go-to guy for guns, tech, and hacking. They also end up disagreeing a lot before Microchip became a full-fledged bad guy.

Moving out of Hell's Kitchen

With Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Elektra in Hell's Kitchen, it's safe to say things are getting a little crowded. It makes sense that Frank Castle would be leaving Hell's Kitchen and bringing his merciless justice to the other boroughs of New York, the rest of Manhattan, and beyond. Don't forget, Castle escaped prison due to Wilson Fisk's guards letting him go. We're unsure if he's been reported dead in the prison records, if he's labelled as a prison escapee, if the cops are looking for him, or if Kingpin has some poor soul in Castle's cell taking the Punisher's place somehow. Sure, the District Attorney who wanted Castle taken out is gone, but the cops and next D.A. are bound to take things seriously if they find out that the Punisher's back in action. We're guessing he'll move on to bigger game in an area that isn't already heavy on costumed crime fighters.

An antihero at its finest

Our favorite thing about the Punisher is that he's the opposite of your average costumed do-gooder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of the Avengers would probably puke at all the blood Frank Castle's shed and would never want to work with him. We're unsure if the Punisher will be siding alongside the Defenders in their own Netflix series, but we can count on him continuing his bloody crusade against organized crime and scumbags in his own spin-off. Castle is an adamant proponent of capital—and vigilante—punishment. This allows Marvel to put him in extreme, polarizing stories and pit him against the filthiest of bad guys who desperately deserve a bullet to the face. We'd love to see the Kingpin, Jigsaw, Bullseye, Barracuda, Jackal, and Bushwacker try to take on the Punisher in this standalone series. No matter where he goes or who he fights, you can count on the Punisher bringing shots to the party.