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How Old Is Wes From The Challenge?

Many reality stars have made a career out of appearing on numerous seasons of "The Challenge." That includes Wes Bergmann, who initially starred in the 2005 season of "The Real World: Austin." At the time of that show's filming, he was a student at Arizona State University who was described as a jock but also bright and entrepreneurial. Since then, he's competed in many installments of "The Challenge," from "Fresh Meat" to "The Challenge: USA 2." That's a long time to be in the public eye, and it raises the question, "How old is Wes from 'The Challenge?'"

Wes Bergmann was born on November 24, 1984. That means he would've been 19 years old when "The Real World: Austin" aired, making him 38 as of this writing. As such, he's spent roughly half of his life appearing on reality shows, and he's been quite successful in that endeavor. He was a champion for "The Duel," "Rivals II," and "All Stars 3." Plus, he was a finalist on "Fresh Meat," "Rivals," "Champs vs. Pros," "Champs vs. Stars 2," and "War of the Worlds." He also holds the distinct honor of having the most elimination wins out of any "The Challenge" contestant with 14. He's also made some of the most money out of anyone else, winning $303,000 throughout the series.

Wes Bergmann of The Challenge branched out into another reality competition series

Wes Bergmann from "The Challenge" has been in the public eye for a long time. But competing for glorious cash prizes isn't the only thing Wes has done over the last two decades. In June 2018, he married Amanda Hornick, a yoga teacher, surrounded by some of his "Real World" co-stars. You can stay up-to-date with her by following her on Instagram, and it looks like the two are about to welcome a bundle of joy into the family. Hornick has posted several pregnancy photos over the last few months, and they're bound to be excited. 

Meanwhile, Wes seems to have a real niche in the world of reality shows. In addition to "The Challenge," he's involved with "The Blox," a reality competition show designed for budding entrepreneurs. It involves getting 20 startups together and providing them with challenges to see who has the best business acumen. It's available exclusively on The Blox app. And while you can find Wes across social media, too, he also has a Cameo account, so if you know someone in your life who's a big fan of "The Challenge," you can send them a personalized message from Wes himself. 

At 38 years old, it seems as though Wes Bergmann has no intention of slowing down any time soon.