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Critical Role: Here's Where You Can Watch Candela Obscura's Chapter 2 In Theaters

The third "Critical Role" campaign is currently in the midst of airing, but that doesn't mean the creators behind the popular actual play series aren't actively working on other projects. On the contrary, the "Critical Role" team has worked on not only three main campaigns to date but also numerous one-shots and miniseries. Earlier this year, in fact, the company premiered the first run of its new, anthology horror series, "Candela Obscura." Set in a fictional fantasy realm, the actual play show is a horror drama that follows a group of investigators as they attempt to fight back against the forces of darkness within their world.

The first chapter of "Candela Obscura," which premiered on May 25, features Ashley Johnson, Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, and Anjali Bhimani as its players, as well as Matthew Mercer as its Game Master and Taliesin Jaffe as its narrator (known in the series' fictional world as a "Lightkeeper"). The show's first season aired across three months and is comprised of just three episodes. Now, "Candela Obscura" Chapter 2 is set to premiere on Thursday, August 31 at 7 p.m. PST.

In typical "Critical Role" fashion, the Chapter 2 premiere of "Candela Obscura" will be streamed for the first time simultaneously on both Twitch and YouTube. Those two platforms aren't the only places where fans will be able to watch the episode, though. It will also be shown in select Cinemark movie theaters across the country. All "Critical Role" fans need to do is go to the Cinemark website and type in their zip code to find the movie theater closest to them that will be showing the "Candela Obscura" premiere.

Candela Obscura Chapter 2 features a new cast

While the second chapter of "Candela Obscura" will maintain the series' established horror tone and format, it'll feature an entirely new cast of players and characters. Travis Willingham, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Zehra Fazal, Luis Carazo, and Marisha Ray are all set to star as its players, while Spenser Starke has been tapped to step into Matthew Mercer's shoes as its Game Master. For his part, Taliesin Jaffe will be reprising his role as the show's resident Lightkeeper.

To date, very little has been revealed about the plot and characters of "Candela Obscura" Chapter 2. Like its predecessor, though, it will run for just three episodes. According to Cinemark, the new season's premiere installment also runs 4 hours and 51 minutes long, which means that anyone who decides to go see it on the big screen will be signing up for a fairly lengthy experience. Fortunately, "Critical Role" fans have gotten used to long runtimes.

Those who are worried about the correct order to watch everything should also know that the "Candela Obscura" creative team has assured viewers that they won't need any prior knowledge about the show's first season to fully enjoy its new episodes. "Candela Obscura" Chapter 2 could, in other words, be a perfect point of entry for anyone who's been interested in diving into the unique form of entertainment that "Critical Role" has perfected over the past 8 years.

For anyone who can't catch the new season's premiere when it debuts, the episode will be uploaded to YouTube the Monday after its initial airing. A podcast version will also be made available to stream one week after the premiere. The chapter's following two installments, meanwhile, are set to air on the final Thursdays of both September and October.