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Joe Mantegna's Criminal Minds Instagram Reunion Has Fans In A Tizzy

It's no secret that "Criminal Minds: Evolution" fans have been feeling the absence of Matthew Gray Gubler's Dr. Spencer Reid. While the sequel show has more than proven itself as an effective continuation of the original, beloved procedural, Reid's missing-in-action status has led to many fans feeling there's a bit of a hole in the "Criminal Minds" family at the moment. That's why David Rossi actor Joe Mantegna's new Instagram post has viewers of the show buzzing.

In August 2023, Mantegna posted a photo of him and Gubler together at a restaurant, along with the caption: "What could possibly be better than having dinner with the one and only @gublergram?" For many fans, seeing this mini-reunion between two "Criminal Minds" stalwarts was cause for excitement. "I was hoping to see my 2 favorite CM Special Agents!! Love you both," @sudukususie commented on the post.

Even a couple of fellow "Criminal Minds" cast members sent warm messages of their own in response to the post. "Look at the joy in both of your faces! The boys are back," Kirsten Vangsness commented, while Aisha Tyler simply wrote "Our boys!!!"

Fans are hoping that the reunion heralds a Reid return

While fans found the Instagram reunion between Joe Mantegna and Matthew Gray Gubler heartwarming in its own right, some expressed their hopes that the two meeting up is a harbinger of the latter's long-awaited return to the "Criminal Minds" series. "Convince him to return to 'Criminal Minds: Evolution.' I trust you Joe!" @criminaticbr commented on the post. Meanwhile, @chard.ae wrote, "Is he coming back next season at least for a guest appearance? We miss Spencer."

Some fans read even deeper into the post's significance, with particular attention brought to the fact that Mantegna included several "Criminal Minds: Evolution"-related tags in the caption, such as "#criminalminds," "#cbs," and "#paramountplus." "I'm trying to figure out [why he] would still put the CM hashtag even if Matthew isn't in it anymore ... UNLESS HE IS AND THAT'S WHOS COMING IN THE DOOR AT THE END," @_anna.skipper_ wrote, referencing the currently-anonymous person who appears in the "Criminal Minds: Evolution" Season 1 finale cliffhanger.

Of course, the official consensus on whether Gubler will come back to "Criminal Minds" remains the same as it has been for some time. While the show's creative team hasn't ruled out the possibility, and they have even teased some future narrative significance for Reid's whereabouts, there hasn't been any official announcement of the "Criminal Mind" alum's return yet.