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Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Is Johnny Storm In Fiery Fantastic Four Design

Rumors have been swirling in recent weeks about who will portray the Fantastic Four in Marvel Studios' upcoming film, set for release in 2025. Names tossed around include Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm, Matt Smith as Reed Richards, and "Stranger Things" star Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm. Though nothing is set in stone at the time of this writing, fans can already imagine what Quinn might look like as the Human Torch thanks to one artist on Instagram.

Mizuri, an artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia, posted on social media their digital creation of Quinn in the role of the superhero previously played by Chris Evans in the "Fantastic Four" franchise from the mid-2000sĀ and Michael B. Jordan in the 2015 reboot. In the design, instead of the denim vest and shaggy locks of Eddie Munson that the world has come to associate with Quinn, he's sporting Johnny's iconic blue jumpsuit and flaming hair.

The caption read, "Saw this casting going around the other day. Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things as Human Torch. Not sure if it's confirmed, but I thought I'd do a little mock up. Excited for the Fantastic 4 in the MCU."

There are mixed reactions to Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm

While Mizuri's concept art of Joseph Quinn in the role of Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, was met with praise, the idea of this "Stranger Things" star joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe received mixed reactions in the comments section of the artist's post. Some, like @juliomorris92, expressed the belief that Quinn is the perfect man for the job: "Sorry guys, but @josephquinn would be an AMAZING Johnny Storm." On the other hand, many are hoping this casting rumor doesn't become a reality. @ikaroap said, "Amazing piece, but awful casting."

People have a few gripes about Quinn in the role, including his dark hair and age (he's 29). It was even suggested that "Outer Banks" star Rudy Pankow be offered the gig. Still, Quinn enthusiasts countered these qualms by explaining that his hair can be dyed and that he already portrayed an individual much younger than himself in "Stranger Things."

Only time will tell if Mizuri's art is destined to come to fruition. In the meantime, Quinn is confirmed to star in "Gladiator 2," "A Quiet Place: Day One" and "Hoard."