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LEGO: Captain America's Shield Is Symmetrical Satisfaction For Any Marvel Fan

LEGO debuted another addition to its Infinity Saga collection, and it's a big one. Labeled for builders 18 and up, Captain America's Shield is just over 18.5 inches in diameter and contains 3,128 pieces organized in 25 bags. There are a few extra unnumbered bags as well, containing identical 2 x 14s. This set comes with one instruction booklet, which should give you some intel about how difficult this build really is.

As is evident from the photos, this is a build of repetition and a far cry from builds like the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Spider-Man Final Battle. There are no fun stickers, Easter eggs hiding behind sliding walls, or unusual pieces. Captain America's Shield is all business in the best way and is the perfect set to break up those more complex builds you might be keeping in your closet.

This is a must-buy for LEGO builders who are fans of the MCU (or just Captain America in general) and those wanting to continue their Infinity Saga collection. When finished, the shield is clean, pristine, and jaw-dropping due to its intricate architecture.

So how long is Captain America's Shield build going to take?

I've been building adult LEGO sets for a few years, and I admit this is one of the fastest I've ever assembled. If you like a quick build, the symmetry of Captain America's Shield is on your side. From start to finish, I put the last brick in place at the seven-hour mark. While I spread my build out over two days, this is certainly a set you can accomplish in one sitting while watching (almost) all of the "Captain America" trilogy. For building, I recommend putting on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Captain America: Civil War" in the background because, well, they're perfect.

If you're a building hoarder, like I am, and like to work alone, you could definitely finish this set in under seven hours. I took small breaks to pop ready-to-bake cookies in the oven, let my dogs out, and watch Chris Evans hold back a helicopter because that deserves everyone's undivided attention.

If you enjoy building your LEGO sets with others, prepare to knock this sucker out in just a few hours. Captain America's Shield is begging for an assembly line, as the front of the set alternates two different patterns, both appearing 18 times to form the perfect circle.

Speed rating: 3/10

Is Captain America's Shield a tough build?

This is a relatively easy build. It's 18+ age suggestion, and the large brick count makes this seem like it might be a little more challenging, but it's just not the case. The design is complex and, I'm sure, required a lot of planning behind the scenes, but once it's in the builder's hands, the directions spell it out quite clearly, and it's an easy ride.

Looking at the back of the shield is more impressive than the front. The shield is deeper than it appears in its promotional photos, and it has a deeper curve than the photos lead on. Marvel fans might even see a little bit of Iron Man's arc reactor when looking at the back of the shield, as it unintentionally (I would guess) gives off the same vibe. For me, building the stand seemed more complex than the shield itself. But I might attribute that to it falling during Cap and Bucky's two-on-one fight in Siberia against Tony and I looked away quite often.

The stand is solid and supports the heavy weight of the shield. I was fairly nervous when I placed the finished product onto the rack, but there have been no issues for some weeks as it sits upright. As the guidebooks suggest, handle the shield properly by picking it up from underneath at the center, not by the edges. You could find yourself in a quinjet-load of trouble if you don't, as this is FRAGILE.

LEGO's newest Infinity Saga set is a must-have

Captain America's Shield is the perfect LEGO set to work on after finishing a more complex and tedious build. The itch to keep building LEGOs is unscratchable, so instead of taking a break after completing Rivendell, I suggest trying this shield before your Gringott's Bank arrives in the mail next month.

I misled you earlier, but there is one super fun small detail in this build that all Marvel fans will enjoy. In addition to his shield, Captain America also comes with Mjolnir, and it is teeny tiny perfection. Cap himself stands atop the Infinity Saga sign holding the two famous props, and you can choose hair for atop his head or the character's signature helmet. It's an amusing detail for a build where the details are reserved for the architecture.

I was delighted finishing the shield, and other LEGO fanatics will be too. You'll be surprised to complete such a large set so quickly, making you hungry for more.

You can buy LEGO's Captain America Shield now at Lego.com for $199.99.