The Blacklist: Who Is Tobias Core?

Sometimes, when a prominent member of the cast or crew dies, a show or a movie is stuffed to the brim with various homages, such as when "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman in a great many ways following the star's death in 2020. However, perhaps the most common method of paying respect to a fallen colleague is a tribute card at the end of the movie or in an episode of the show. This is what happened in Season 8 of NBC's crime drama "The Blacklist."

The pivotal 12th episode of the season, "Rakitin," features a memorial card for Tobias "Toby" Core, who passed away in 2021. Core was a crew member who worked as part of "The Blacklist's" art department for much of its run. In fact, he's credited with working on 111 episodes of the series as a carpenter — a job he had in multiple high-profile productions over the years.

Core worked on many famous shows and movies

Apart from being a part of "The Blacklist" crew from the show's very beginning to the end of Season 5, Tobias Core's IMDb credits include several major projects over the course of his Hollywood career. His first listed credit is the 2004 comedy "Poster Boy," after which he worked on a number of projects in a production assistant capacity. Eventually, he transitioned to working on a series of high-profile film and TV projects as a carpenter. 

Core's first behind-the-scenes credit in this capacity is the 2005 Tom Cruise film "War of the Worlds." He went on to work in several other huge productions that include "Men in Black 3," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and "The Greatest Showman" — along with the first "John Wick" movie, in which his work was uncredited. Core also worked as a carpenter for a number of major series, from "The Knick" and "Lipstick Jungle" to "Gotham" and, of course, "The Blacklist." 

Though Core hadn't been with "The Blacklist" for several seasons at the time of his passing, it was the only show he'd worked on that was still running at the time. As such, it's only natural that "The Blacklist" paid respect to its longtime crew member in "Rakitin."