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What Happened To James Jones From My 600-Lb Life?

In Season 2 of TLC's "My 600-lb Life," audiences are introduced to James Jones, a 38-year-old from Texas weighing 728 pounds. A fast food aficionado who is sleeping in the hospital bed of his late father and sister, both of whom passed away from weight-related causes, Jones' situation is dire. However, unlike participants such as Ryan Barkdoll, Jones thrives in Dr. Younan Nowzaradan's program

Aside from a few minor setbacks and cravings, Jones loses 352 pounds by the end of the episode, in addition to starting a relationship with Summer, a woman he met online. In his "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" Season 1 follow-up episode, he undergoes skin removal surgery, weighs 291 pounds, and is engaged to Summer.

Starcasm caught up with Jones in 2019 — four years after his "Where Are They Now?" episode — for an update. "I weighed 239 [pounds] last month when I went to the oncologist," he said. Jones added that he went on "My 600-lb Life" to inspire people and would welcome the cameras back into his home for another follow-up. However, he said, this needs to be coordinated with the production team.

James Jones was in a bad accident and may no longer be with Summer

On his Facebook page, James Jones has posted a number of photos that show he's maintaining the wellness goals achieved on "My 600-lb Life." This is all while balancing his job in tax and accounting services, which he says on the show led to much of his weight gain. After listening to clients' problems all day, all he wanted to do was eat.

Still, life hasn't been perfect. Jones revealed to Starcasm that he experienced a bad car accident. "I went off the road a year ago and flipped my F350 back across a four-lane highway. Broke my c2 [vertebra] and both collar bones," he said.

Additionally, Jones' relationship status on Facebook is set to "single." At the end of "Where Are They Now?" he and his then-fiancee, Summer, reconcile after experiencing a rocky patch, but she's nowhere to be found on his page. Still, he admitted to Starcasm that he's a private individual, especially when it comes to social media, so it's possible that he wants to keep things with Summer — if they are together — away from the public eye.