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What The Captain America: Civil War Post-Credits Scene Means For Spider-Man's Future

As Captain America: Civil War launches early screenings around the world for exclusive fan and red carpet events, we've found out what's going on during the film's highly anticipated post-credits sequence. The movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually end with special scenes during and after the credits that hint at new flicks on the way. Spoiler: Spider-Man plays a significant role in Civil War. Bigger spoiler: Civil War's post-credits scene paints a powerful picture leading into Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's time to breakdown the events of the wall crawler's post-credits sequence to figure out his future. Lookout, here comes the Spider-Man!

The Civil War aftermath

Based on what we've seen so far in Captain America: Civil War's trailers, Spider-Man will be rallied to Tony Stark's cause against Steve Rogers and the other half of the Avengers. We've already watched Spidey web-up Captain America and go one-on-one with his best bud, Bucky. As spectacular as Spider-Man is, fighting other superheroes is bound to take its toll. The amazing arachnid supposedly passes out after the film's big airport battle between the dueling halves of the Avengers. Once the smoke settles, Peter Parker is seen back at his Aunt May's house. Starring as Aunt May is the still-kinda-hot Marisa Tomei who bursts into Peter's room and starts asking about his injuries. Parker chalks it up to some bully at school (avoiding the big secret of "I fought half of the Avengers and somehow survived"), while desperately trying to hide his wounds and Spider-Man gear from his dear, not-so-old aunt. Just what kind of Spider-Man gear, might you ask? Well...

New Tony Stark tech

Back home from the giant battle, Peter Parker can be seen tinkering around with his new web-shooters, which have some Stark Industries tech upgrades. Just before Aunt May can catch a glimpse of what he's doing, Spidey's new web-shooter emits a giant, red beam of light. At first, we think it might be Tony Stark's red laser weapon from Iron Man 2, but it's not cutting anything (thankfully). Peter, surprised by the beam, covers the equipment up so Aunt May doesn't see it. After their short Q&A, she leaves the room and closes the door. Once she's gone, Parker aims the red light at the ceiling and smiles. So what was this mysterious red beam? Well, longtime Spider-Man fans will be happy to see that it's the...

Spider Signal

That's right, the Spider Signal! Peter Parker is last seen looking up at the ceiling of his room, shining the unforgettable Spidey-face logo, before the scene cuts to black. Old school Spider-Man followers and fans of The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series will be grinning after seeing the iconic symbol projected onto Peter's ceiling. For those who don't know, Spider-Man would shine this giant spotlight projection of his face to surprise villains and criminals. Comic and cartoon fans know that whenever you see this symbol, an awesome fight scene is about to go down.

What does it all mean?

Moving forward into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's a lot to learn from Spider-Man's scenes in Captain America: Civil War. We've seen much of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series used to build Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy (with Tobey Maguire in the lead role), and we saw parts of The Amazing Spider-Man comic series used as inspiration for Marc Webb's 2012 film of the same name and its 2014 sequel (starring Andrew Garfield). Given actor Tom Holland's younger age compared to Garfield and Maguire, the inclusion of the Spider Signal, and the overall look of the new costume, it's safe to say that Marvel Studios intends on using the Spectacular Spider-Man comic and cartoon series as heavy inspiration for this incarnation of the character. Rumor has it that the classic villain Vulture will be the main antagonist for Holland's first standalone Spidey film. Whatever path the wall crawler takes, we can't wait to see him do whatever a spider can when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017.